Friday, 29 April 2011

Joovy Customer Service

Let’s talk about customer service:  What is customer service and how does Joovy size up?

Well……consider this scenario:

You are in a bind.  You need to talk to someone NOW about a product feature, concern or issue.  You dial up the 800 number listed on the product manual.  You are offered a menu to choose from, then another one and finally and third choice must be selected to get to the right department….. Now, you are stuck ‘on hold’ with unpleasant music droning on while your children tussle,  the dog barks and the doorbell rings.    Twenty minutes later, you are still ‘on hold.’  Frustrated and angry, you hang up and get on with your day.  Bottom line, no resolution to your issue.  In addition, you are now mad at your phone and the world.

We’ve all had this experience in some way, shape or form.  No satisfaction. No resolution. Period.

At Joovy, we do things differently and feel that if you take the time to dial us up, we want to talk to you!   When you call our office, it is likely that the person who answers will help you solve your issue or answer your product question.  We love our customers and smile when we have the pleasure of visiting with you about all things Joovy.

You may be shopping and have questions about features or functionality.  We are here to help.

Perhaps (it does happen on occasion) you are missing a part to your product.  We are here to help.

Questions about parts, products, compatibility, features, functions?  We are here to help.

Cannot remember how to fold a stroller, playard or highchair?  We are here to help.

At Joovy, our customer service commitment to you is our everyday mission.  Joovy values that you have invested in our products and we want you to know that our commitment does not stop after your purchase is made.  We strive to make any customer service call pleasant, expeditious and most importantly, we want to help with your Joovy product.

Give us a call Monday through Friday, 8 – 5 CST.  We’ll be happy to hear your voice!

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