Friday, 9 September 2011


At Joovy, we meet the most amazing people. I love hearing about their lives, their stories and their families.  There are stories of bravery and then there are stories of bravery. This is a story about a brave mom and a very brave baby boy.

Christy Rich called our office one day last week wondering if we might have some literature on one of our products, the Joovy Cocoon.  She was calling from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where her son Joshua had been for the last six months.

You see, Joshua was just four months old when he was diagnosed with an auto-recessive genetic disorder, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. This disease attacks the immune system and major organs of the body.  It was essential that Joshua get the best in care so his mom Christy packed up and moved from Georgia to Ohio to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

There, Joshua endured six months of chemotherapy and treatment, a very big journey for such a little guy.  And, after the chemo treatments were over and with the disease in remission, they learned there was still a possibility that the HLH could come back.  Their decision, to reduce that risk, was to do a bone marrow transplant in August.

While Joshua’s new bone marrow assimilates and strengthens his immune system, his mom and family must be careful to keep Joshua protected from exposure to anything that could compromise his health.

Christy researched and found the Cocoon, Joovy’s cocoon-like stroller to transport Joshua to and from his treatments.  Since the Cocoon is an enclosed stroller, it protects Joshua from the elements and keeps him protected inside.  He can create his own space with toys, blankets and favorite comfort toys.

Just yesterday they celebrated his very first birthday. His mom shared with me,

“We wanted to have a birthday party for him, but we were stumped because ‘being in medical isolation’ means he is not allowed to be around other people. Thank goodness for the Joovy Cocoon. We put him in the stroller, zipped the bubble shut, and had birthday festivities and people surrounding him.  Thanks to Joovy we were able to keep his health protected, while also using the clear plastic to let him see and feel involved in all the celebrating.”

At the birthday party and while living on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the hospital, many parents have asked about the Joovy Cocoon stroller.  Joshua’s brave mom, Christy called us to see if we could provide her with an informational brochure that she could share with other parents at the hospital.

We are told that if he survives until 2014, he will be 100% cured of this disease.  We want to be there when Joshua celebrates his 4th birthday.  We think he is a brave, brave boy and we applaud his mom’s strength and tenacity.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joshua!!! Joshua Rich has just celebrated his first birthday on September 6!

If you feel inspired by Joshua’s story and want to contribute towards his medical costs please donate at: Your money will go towards Joshua and any funds that are not used, will be forwarded onto another child who is awaiting transplant. Thank-you for reading our story and we ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers with the intention that Joshua continues to heal, grow, and bloom!