Saturday, 29 October 2011

Are Your Boys and Ghouls Ready for Halloween?

Here are some tips for safe Trick or Treating with children.

1. Make sure all costumes with masks have sufficient room for your child to see and breathe. For small children, I prefer not to have anything over their eyes and face, because they can’t always tell you if they can see or breathe.

2. If you have a child who’s in a stroller with you, make sure they can be strapped in and comfortable if they are sitting in it (you may have to rethink the puffy dinosaur costume!).

3. If you are walking at night, make sure you have reflective tape on your child and their stroller — the new Groove has reflective stripes on the harness pads. Or you can find  Nathan 27-Inch Reflective Tape on and apply it. Glow sticks necklaces and bracelets are also fun (and will help).

4. Go to houses and stores that you know (this is not the time to go to the creepy house on the block).

5. Sort through your child’s candy when you get home and decide how many pieces they can eat per day. And obviously if any candy looks like it was opened or tampered with, throw it out immediately. Your kid may scream, but listen to your instincts. Or hold a “Trade Your Candy In” for a bigger treat, like a new small toy or cupcake from the local bakery.

6. Take the weather into account — buy costumes that you can put a jacket over or under if it’s cold or rainy.

7. Walking with a strollers — make sure you have a plan on how your other kids will stay next to you (if you are using a stroller). The carry handle on the side of a stroller may work well or by holding onto your stroller’s handles.

Contributed by Nancy Johnson Horn