Thursday, 13 October 2011

Get Your Baby Out of that Car Seat!

Wait, what did you just say Joovy?

While car seat safety is exceedingly important, Joovy feels very strongly about getting your babies out of their car seats—when you’re not in the car!  Hold your baby mom and dad!

Super cool baby equipment makes our lives run smoothly and efficiently, especially for those of us on the go.  But, as we parents stay super-mobile, the trend seems to be that baby spends more and more time in his/her car seat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the CPSC and JPMA all recommend safety standards for these essential baby products and we at Joovy hail these guidelines and standards. Equipment has changed much over the years.  But are we, as parents, over using infant car seats instead of holding our babies?  As awesome as the versatile infant car seat is, are we keeping our babies in them more than a reasonable amount of time?

In Joovy’s opinion, babies are spending way too much time in infant car seats.

Let’s face it, babies first outing is to go home from the hospital in the infant car seat.  They are strapped into the seat and often times they spend a good portion of the entire day in that super portable infant seat.  Babies are put in the car seats to nap.  Many babies are fed in the car seat.  When parents need to scoot out to run errands, the infant, is put back into that car seat, which is then snapped into the car seat base (in the car) and then snapped into the snap and go or stroller.  They are whisked off to day care in the infant car seat and dad picks up baby and snaps him into the infant car seat adapter in his car for the trip home.

Life is full of jobs and errands and places to go, but babies are babies only once and it is easier to hold an infant than a 15 year-old teenager. Hold them while you can mom and dad! The payoff is bonding and nurturing moments that an infant car seat cannot provide. Common sense tells us that if they are held more, they will be more connected to you and the payoff will be huge.

Joovy thinks these modern inventions and conveniences are quite amazing and designed to keep baby safe while in the car but we urge you to hold your baby in those off-times rather than snapping them in and out all day long.

Hold them in your arms. Cradle them and cuddle them.  Let them feel the beat of your heart and warmth of your body.  Get them out of that car seat!