Friday, 6 July 2012

Photo by Clara P.


from sun up to sun down, the moment harper goes outside he points to his “go go” and climbs on up! since he was a year old, his joovy tricycoo has been a playtime staple! whether figuring out how the pedals work and going forward on his own, or pushing it from behind all by himself, he loves his tricycoo! everyone in the neighborhood wants to jump on the tricycoo train and always asks where we got it!

if we had $100 to spend towards a new joovy product, we would be one step closer to adding the Cocoon to our Joovy Family! whether enjoying making a mess in the Nook Highchair or scooting around in our Joovy Scooter, we are a family of movers and shakers and fun makers! we love being outside and running and jumping and playing all day long!