Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photo by Elayna S.


This is my Dillon as Nemo from the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. He is always smiling and laughing… such a happy baby. He was just caught a little off guard while grandma was holding him in this picture.

If I won, I would buy a new Joovy Stroller because ours right now is a little worn out from using it with my 1st child who is now 5. The left wheel is a kind of wonky and there are some tears in the fabric.

Something really Joovy about your family: I’m into knitting and My husband is a personal trainer. We are Vegetarians but we don’t push it on our children because we want them to be old enough to make that decision for themselves. We also found out my other son Jacob, is left-handed if that if cool. While the rest of us are righties. 🙂