Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Photo by Laura W.

3260_107 camerabag

Superhero Brothers!

Although these characters might originate from different comics (DC and Marvel), this Superman and Captain America come from the same parents! Our guys decided to be superheroes because that is what they are obsessed with at this moment, and who better than Superman and Captain America! If the boys won they would use their credit towards a blue BicycooBMX Balance Bike to share. Both of these superheroes need help learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels, so what better way than to just get them the Balance Bike so they can really fly down the sidewalk! Something Joovy about our family is that we have a yearly tradition of taking a photo of the boys in their Halloween costumes holding their pumpkins from the Cider Mill! This year these superheroes felt extra loving towards each other, so I was more than happy to capture the moment.