Thursday, 1 November 2012

Photo by Amanda S.


This is Caden dressed up as a dalmatian dog for halloween. My son is 2 and he has quite the little personality. I let him pick out any costume he wanted and he wanted to be a dog. After we bought the costume he decided he wanted to permanently be a dog and we spent many mornings fighting before daycare because he wanted to wear his dog costume to school! Finally halloween night arrived and he was happier than ever to be able to wear his costume. If we are chosen to win the $100 gift card I would like to buy either the tandem double stroller or a balance bike. I have a 3 year old who get’s tired often walking at the mall and it is backbreaking carrying one and pushing the other. It would definatly make my life alot easier. I am a mom of two boys and have a hectic life. We try to enjoy all the time we have together because kids grow up fast and I don’t want to miss anything and regret it when I’m older!