Friday, 16 November 2012

Photo by Suzi M.


I am so thankful for our family’s health this Thanksgiving. Last year, we were in St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for over five weeks, including Thanksgiving. Our older son was having an ulcerative colitis flare up that ended with his colon being completely removed. He was unable to eat or drink anything the entire time. This year, he is completely healed and will be eating all the turkey and fixings his little heart desires!

Photo caption: This is our younger son, Carson. He always puts his fingers up to his mouth as if he is deep in thought! He’s really just thinking about his next bottle. He is thankful for food! He is only 9 months old and is 25 pounds!

Something Joovy about me: I have broken the existing world record for donated breastmilk! I can continue donating until Carson is a year old, so Guiness will not make it official until I am finished. The existing record is 11,117 ounces, and I already have over 15,000 ounces to date. The milk is given to premies in NICU’s all over the country.

Joovy product I would buy: one of the double strollers that you offer.