Monday, 4 February 2013

Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}

News, news, NEWS!!! We are so grateful for our awesome bloggers that we what to introduce a new featured monthly column that is exclusively about them! Every month we will be profiling one of our bloggers in the Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}. We want to boast and brag about each and every one of our Joovy Bloggers, their great efforts and their awesome sites!

Tomorrow, Joovy Tuesday, we will launch our February Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}. This inaugural post will profile one of our Grooviest Bloggers and we know you’ll enjoy learning more about this amazing person.

Would you like to be featured? If so, get your groove on and enter our raffle to be featured in the Spotlight! Next week, we will roll out the blogger contest for all to enter for a chance to be featured in March. We invite you to enter if you are currently a Joovy Blogger or have applied to our blogger program in the past.

So, sit back and enjoy our first featured Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} tomorrow!