Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} March 2013

This month, we are delighted to introduce Ellen Peppercorn in the Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight.}  Ellen has been a Joovy Blogger since the program began in 2011.  We had the great pleasure of chatting with Ellen and are super excited to share some interesting facts about her, her family and her blog here today.  Take a peak inside the Thrifty and Chic Mom with us!


Joovy:  Ellen, share a little bit about yourself personally before we ask about the blog.

Ellen:  I am 30 years old and have been married to the love of my life for almost 8 years now. We met at 17 years old at a church camp  and a few months later after repeatedly running into each other started dating. Six months later I knew he was the love of my life and 6 years later we got married. Our oldest was almost a honey moon baby born 10 months after getting married from there we kept being blessed with little girls at a rapid rate and we were thrilled. Now we have 4 little girls Mia almost 7, Abbey 5, Colette 3.5 and Genevieve 14 months and our life is girly, pink, crazy and wonderful. We live with our girls about 5 minutes from where our parents live and all but one of our siblings is close by making for very large and fun family holidays. As duelling alumni of The Ohio State University we are Buckeyes through and through and love our hometown!

Joovy:  With a growing family, how did you get started blogging?  What was the overriding reason you started blogging?

Ellen: Almost 5 years ago I found myself needing something to do at night while my kids slept. My husband was beginning his own side business out of our home and I had more time on my hands without his company. A friend sent me a link to a blog and I discovered a whole new world and a new outlet and my blog was born!

 Joovy:  How did you come to name your blog Thrifty and Chic Mom?  What significance does this have in your life?

Ellen: I felt like it kind of represented me in a way at the time. When I started the blog we were on a really tight budget so I had to watch every penny, but even a tight budget will never make me sacrifice my style. I started my blog doing deals on clothing, then it evolved to couponing and then it evolved to what it is today a mom blog focused on product reviews and mommy fashion!

Joovy:  How does your blog differ from others? 

Ellen:  My blog is me and since I am a 30 year old mom of 4 girls who loves fashion I think I am pretty unique plus I bring the eye of a big family of all girls to my product reviews.

Joovy:   How do you balance parenting and blogging?  Is there a secret?

Ellen: If there is a secret I want to know it. I try having set blogging times. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool preschool so 3 of my 4 girls are with me at all times and I try to be present for them. All that to say I blog at nap time and late into the night!

Joovy:   What current computer do you use for blogging?

Ellen:  an HP Envy touchscreen and I LOVE it!.

Joovy:  When you’re not blogging, where do you escape to on the web? 

Ellen:  I escape to other blogs and I love to shop, online shopping is like window shopping from home! Plus I love Twitter and Facebook those two tabs are always open if I am online.

Joovy:  Has there been a most popular post or topic on Thrifty and Chic Mom?

Ellen:  I wrote a post about car seat expiration dates that is still very popular 2 years later. My Spring and Fall fashion events are really popular too, the spring event is coming up in March!

Joovy:  Do you involve your kids and family in your blog?  If so, how?

Ellen:  My kids are my product testers and models and my husband is my camera man, it’s a family effort at our house!



Joovy: What kind of camera do you use?

Ellen:  I have a Nikon D5100 I just upgraded to it at Christmas and I am loving it!

Joovy:    Do you have a favorite kids/gear flash site?

Ellen:  I adore Zulily and spend too much money on it so for me Zulily wins!

Joovy:   What’s the coolest parenting tip you’ve learned from blogging?

Ellen:  I have learned that I am not alone so matter what I do I have support an I love that!

Joovy:    Can you share your 3 favorite apps?

Ellen:  Zulily, Vine and Instagram

Joovy:   Are there favorite blogs that you follow?

Ellen:  There are so many blogs I love but from the beginning I have been a reader of The Shopping Mama, Go Graham Go, Momma in Flip Flops 2, Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, Baby Loving Mama

Joovy:   So Ellen, you’re a Joovy Blogger, right?  What’s your favorite thing about Joovy?

Ellen:  I love all things Joovy the brand, the people behind the brand and the overall spiirt of the company. I love that they are family owned and operated and that they make gorgeous looking products that meet a real need for example the Joovy moonRoom… need I say more?

joovy ultralight caboose


joovy moonroom 1

Joovy:    Thanks Ellen for sharing with us today.  Anything else you want to share about you or your blog?

Ellen:  Be sure to keep an eye out in March for some great Spring fashion for the whole family and some fun giveaways too!

Ellen Peppercorn is the blogger/reviewer/entrepreneur behind Thrifty and Chic Mom.  Please visit her site and share with your friends!