Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mommy Brain *!&**!!**LOL#!**

Do you have a Mommy Brain?

Last week my sister in law was in town and we were driving my son to preschool. It
was a very busy morning and I was rushing around. We took my husband’s car and that
is something I rarely do. On the drive to school, I was sharing a story with my sister in
law about a time two summers ago when I lost my phone. It was a busy summer day
and I was packing all the kids for an afternoon swim meet. I checked my list and we had
everything so we loaded into my husband’s car. I felt good. I actually had everything
and we were going to be on time! When we got to the swim meet I panicked because I
could not find my phone. My husband was in China and I knew he would be calling soon
and I hate missing his calls. I was certain I had it with me. I remembered grabbing it off
the kitchen counter on the way out the door. I searched the car. I searched all the swim
bags. I borrowed a friend’s phone to call my phone. Nothing. No phone.

About four hours later on this beautiful hot summer day, the swim meet was over. We
packed up our gear and headed to the car. When I was loading all the kids and gear back
into the car, I found my phone! It was on the roof of the car. I must’ve set it down when
I was buckling the kids into their car seats. By some miracle, I drove 10 miles to the
swim meet and it did not fall off the car. I was so happy! And I felt very lucky!

Going back to today, my sister and law and I get to the preschool and walk my son into
his classroom. On the way back out to the car, my sister in law bursts into hysterical
laughter. I don’t understand what is so funny and then I see it. My phone. It’s on the
roof or the car AGAIN! Well, having just told the story of what happened two years ago,
we laughed for a solid 5 minutes. I was feeling extremely lucky!

As moms, we have all been there.

Please share your best Mommy Brain story today.