Monday, 4 March 2013

The National Day of Unplugging. Oops, Missed It!

The National Day of Unplugging was March 1 – March 2. It is the day we are all
supposed to unplug and go outside, read a book (not on an ereader), or engage
in activities without technology. It came and went in our house without any
attention. It wasn’t until the morning of March 3 when my 4 1/2 year old son,
Bob, was demanding another game be loaded onto the ipad that I realized how
out of control our technology issues have become. We have rules in the house
for the older kids, no TV or computers until after all homework, piano practice
and chores are complete on Mondays through Thursdays. And then it’s only
Animal Planet on TV or educational games on the computer. On the weekends,
it’s a free for all. And Bob, doesn’t really follow any of the technology rules and
it is because I don’t make him. It is easier for ME to get things done when he
is watching TV or busy on the ipad. But on March 3, I had enough. I took him
to his room and pulled out two boxes I had hidden away. These were boxes of
Playmobil toys that my sister-in-law handed down to me. They belonged to her
sons and she thought Bob might like them. I immediately hid them because I
remember all the small toys and pieces inside those boxes. What a mess! But
this morning, I was ready for a change. Bob was so excited when I pulled out
the boxes. He sat down with my husband and put them together and then had
nearly TWO hours of play with them!


Seeing Bob have all this fun made me ask myself, why do we let our small kids
watch TV, play with the ipads and computers? They seem to have more fun
when engaged in other activities or just playing outside.


I am setting a personal challenge to myself this week to set technology limits for
Bob this week AND enforce them.


What technology limits do you have in your house for your little ones and do you
enforce them?


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