Wednesday, 10 April 2013

TwinRoo – We LOVE this Stroller!

We love this stroller!  Now it will never fully replace the conventional double stroller for a mother of multiples but while the babies are still in the carrier type car seats it’s much nicer.



First of all it is super easy to assemble.  I had a back injury and was still able to assemble it totally independently in less than 10 minutes.  It is much smaller when folded than other double strollers.  We drive a Pontiac Vibe and we were actually able to go to Costco and fit all of our purchases in the back with the stroller, not stacked in between the car seats and on the floor beneath them.


When we first got this stroller I had recently had abdominal surgery and then shortly later had back surgery and I was able to push it with minimal effort with in two weeks of the back surgery, to fold it and lift it as well.  It’s way more maneuverable than the tandem stroller and fits much better into doorways than the side by side stroller. You can also see both of the babies at the same time and not have to stop to do the lean around.  I also loved the large storage underneath, you can fit so much stuff down there and with 4 cup holders there’s a spot for everyone’s beverage.  I think the only con is that at some point we’ll have to switch back to the other stroller.

– Kate