Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Joovy Tuesday The Day After Earth Day {Zoom Giveaway}

Winners are: EJ Morales and Bokhyun Yoo!!!  Congratulations ~  please email contest@joovy.com to claim your prize.

Yesterday was Earth Day, the day we teach our children to be environmentally responsible for our earth, our country, our state, our community, our town, our neighborhood, our yard, our home.  We love our spaces and want every young person to regard their space with respect.  We teach our little ones to recycle and reuse.  We teach them to turn the water off when they brush their teeth.  We are all learning about ‘carbon footprints’ and buying ‘local’ produce.  These are all wonderful life lessons and we love teaching these things to all children in every community.

Joovy believes there is another aspect to Earth Day and Earth Month, that is, embracing this beautiful world we live in by being in it and active in it everyday!  Breathe in the beauty and teach our children to be active and to live an active lifestyle.

To celebrate Earth Day/Month we want to get more families out to breathe in the beauty of the earth.  This week we’ll be giving away TWO Joovy Zoom 360 or Zoom ATS to get YOUR family out to enjoy the fresh air. Enter below and, whether win or lose, get out and enjoy this amazing place we call home! GOOD LUCK!

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