Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stomach flu, and LICE and work, OH MY!

Well if you read my post right before spring break, you saw the potentially large
list of fun our family was going to have over the spring break holiday. But things
don’t always happen as you plan. The break began with one daughter home
from school on the last day before vacation (yes, my last day to get things done
without my entourage.) This is the same day that my husband returned from
his long three-week business trip. The next day another daughter came down
with the flu that resulted in two solid days on the couch. Rejoice! It was Easter
Sunday! Only it was not so joyful for me. I ended up in bed all day with the
flu. My wonderful husband rose to the occasion and had a great day with the
children. Two days later we were all feeling better and ready to pack in as much
fun as possible. And then. LICE. That set us back another two days by the time
I scrubbed my house from top-to-bottom and laundered everything in the house.
This left us with four days for fun!

The next four days we really did try to pack in the fun. We had a sleepover, a
trip to the local shopping mall, lunch out at California Pizza Kitchen, outing to a
trampoline house, another lunch out at Chili’s, a soccer game, a movie night, a
family tennis game, a day at the beach and finally Sunday brunch at one of our
favorite local hotels.

The vacation did not turn out how I had planned it but in the end we had a great
time. We all caught up on some long needed rest. We spend a lot of family
bonding time together. While my husband worked the whole week, he was home
for dinner every night and put our son to bed every night.

Life gets so busy. I think our week was a higher power telling us we needed to
slow down. And I appreciate that.

– Sarah