Friday, 19 April 2013

The Importance of Involving your Young Children in Household Duties

Our children have responsibilities around our home and understand that they need
to do these items because they are part of the family. Just because they know that
they have to do them doesn’t make them whine any less. So we do pay them. Over
the years payment the form of payment has changed. In the beginning, all that was
needed were words of praise. Then it moved to stickers, then small toys and now
for the older children, we are onto money. I’ve learned that the key is finding what
motivates your children. And often it is different things with each child. Right now,
my older children are motivated by money. With my youngest, screen time appears
to be the big motivator. It is also important to change up the duties. A new task can
be exciting to children.

You can begin this process of involvement from the time they are infants. When
you are folding laundry or grocery shopping, you can talk to them about what you
are doing. Talking to them helps them to feel involved and you will be amazed how
much they learn from listening to you and watching you. Next thing you know you
will have your 18 month old helping you sort the clothes by color and switching
the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Then comes folding the towels at 3 or 4
and so on. Another great task is to let your children make their own beds. This can
be frustrating because in the beginning, they usually look like a mess. Whatever
you do, do not remake the bed. They are doing their best and you don’t want to
discourage them.


The last two weekends in our house have involved some small house projects. My
4 year old son helped my husband take down all the towel bars in the house that
needed to be replaced and fill all the holes with Spackle. He was truly enjoying the
time with Dad and getting to use the screwdriver. The next weekend he was asking
what was on their list was for the day and when can they get started.


The bottom line is that you need to have your children help with the household
chores. Not only does it teach them how to do the actual tasks, it also gives them a
great sense of accomplishment and pride. In the beginning things move slower and
can be a little frustrating but it will pay off in spades in the end.

What chores do your young children do around the house? What do you use for

 – Sarah