Wednesday, 15 May 2013


As a mom, we all worry about how our first and only child is going to react to bringing a new baby in the house. Will they love the baby, will the feel neglected, will they be gentle, will they act out? We spend so much time worrying about how this is going to change things for our first born, we spend less time enjoying our pregnancy and those last few weeks alone with the oldest. We do everything we can to try and prepare the oldest for the change that is about to rock their boat, we read parenting books, we buy books to read to them, we talk about it. I found that the best way to prepare my child for bringing in a sibling was make her feel like she was going to play a big role in helping care for the baby.


My oldest is a caregiver, similar to myself and enjoys nurturing things whether it is her absurd stuff animal collection or one of her many babies. Joovy’s Toy Bundle, allows older sibling to mimic mom in caring for a baby. From the car seat that has the correct latch system and can fit on the stroller, to the pack n play for both play time and naps, my oldest is able to do many of the activities that I do with the baby, making the transition a whole lot easier on everyone. Bravo Joovy on not only making products that are helpful to us as parents, but also our little ones who want to be parents as well.


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