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The Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} May 2013 The Mama Maven

This month we are thrilled to introduce one of the original Joovy Moms, Nancy Horn of The Mama Maven. Nancy has been a friend and advocate of Joovy from the very beginning and we love that her family has grown along side ours.  Mom of three, baby gear expert, foodie and all around cool mama, read on to learn more about Nancy!

The Mama Maven, Nancy Horn and her daughter.

The Mama Maven, Nancy Horn and her daughter.

Joovy:  Nancy, to begin, how did you get started blogging? 

Nancy: I started blogging for The Celebrity Baby Blog (now People.com’s Moms and Babies) in February of 2007. Basically, I had been in a playgroup with the publisher, Danielle Tropea and we had been discussing strollers and baby gear for over a year when she asked if I wanted to review a stroller for her. It kind of snowballed from there and I worked for her and added Mommies With Style in June of 2007. I started freelancing other places and finally I started my own blog in the fall of 2011, while still continuing to work with other brands and sites.

Joovy: How did you come to name your blog The Mama Maven? What significance does this have in your life?

Nancy: Esti Berkowitz of Primetime Parenting helped me to come up with it. I know too much about strollers, baby gear, pickyeaters, etc – hence the mama maven name.

Joovy:  How does your blog differ from others?

Nancy: I think it’s different because I try to give news about baby gear, brand events and tackle how to get kids to eat. As a new mom and a mom to older kids, you want to know what the latest and best gear is – and also know how to feed the toddler that throws EVERYthing on the floor. I’ve also added NYC experiences and fun places to travel with your children.

Joovy:  How do you balance parenting and blogging? Is there a secret?

Nancy: I don’t sleep much. The fact is, they come first. But they’re in school and I work when they aren’t home and when the are asleep. I try to cook every other night and luckily can pay someone to help me keep the house clean (because I truly stink at housekeeping). We all have our strengths and I’d rather be a good cook than a good cleaner.

Joovy:  Your current computer???

Nancy: A Macbook Pro.

Joovy:  When you’re not blogging, where do you escape to on the web?

Nancy:  I love to check out what’s new on Joovy.com, of course. I’m also hanging out on facebook and twitter, instagram, Vine,reading my friends’ blogs, pinterest.

Joovy: What’s been your most popular post or topic?

Nancy: Probably the post about not wanting to give my daughter the human growth hormone (she’s very petite for her 5 years). I also get a lot of hits on stroller and gear reviews, the Joovy Room review (http://www.themamamaven.com/2012/09/28/review-joovy-room-playard/) was one of our site’s biggest traffic getters.

Joovy:  How do you involve your kids and family in your blog?

Nancy: Yes, my kids help me test products and come with me to events.

Joovy: . What kind of camera do you use?

Nancy: I use my iPhone5, until I can get a better camera (though it’s pretty good and is better than 3 year old Canon Elph we have).

Joovy:  In your opinion, what is the best kids/gear flash site?

Nancy: I’m addicted to Zulily.

Joovy:  What’s the coolest parenting tip you’ve learned from blogging?

Nancy: You can’t do it all, but you can let a few things slide and still be a great parent (which is why I outsource my cleaning and have my husband help with laundry).

Joovy:  Can you share your 3 favorite apps?

Nancy: Zulily, PBSKids App (so my toddler can watch episodes on the go) and Disney Publishing’s Storytime (so my 5 year oldcan listen and look at ebooks). 

Joovy:  So, you’re a Joovy Blogger, right? What’s your favorite thing about Joovy?

Nancy: The products are very durable, yet stylish. Anything that I’ve ever tested (and I’ve tested Joovy products since 2007) has always held up so well!

Joovy:  One more question Nancy: what is your favorite summer meal for your kids?

Nancy: My favorite summer meal for kids is mini turkey burgers (I cut the buns in half) and serve with cut up veggies, organic corn on the cob and organic baked beans.

Joovy: Thanks Nancy!

Credit: Nancy Johnson Horn

Blog: TheMamaMaven.com &

Founding Mother: TrumpetingMedia.com

@nancyjhorn on Twitter TheMamaMaven on Facebook

Recently quoted in Business Week, NBC’s The Today Show’s website, Today Moms, featured in iVillage in 2011 and 2012, and Red Tricycle, where she was described as “Former Food Network Producer, elementary school teacher and mother of three, Nancy Horn, has a serious knack for baby and kids product reviews and 5 years of experience to prove it”.


Nancy and her older son at a Met’s game!


Nancy’s youngest son in the Joovy Groove