Friday, 24 May 2013

theBabaSling Unplugged

I use the BabaSling all the time!  Around the house, out for walks, duffy boat rides, baby showers (ALL the mamas and mamas-to-be asked where to get one!)… you name it, and I’ve got it with me!

My son, Gavin will be 8 months old on Monday.  He’s 20lbs, and it has become increasingly difficult for me to carry him for extended periods of time.  He’s currently in a stage where he always wants to be held!  The BabaSling has been a perfect answer to my prayers!  It’s simple and effective.  I’ve had other carriers… who has time to wrap a 50-foot piece of cloth around your body when you’re on the go?  Not to mention if your baby is screaming to be picked up!  I really wish I had the BabaSling when Gavin was a newborn!

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Submitted by Diane in Los Angeles