Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} June 2013

This month, we are proud to present Sarah from In The Know Mom.  Mom, wife, best friend and product pro, we think Sarah is pretty hip and Groovy!  Read on to get to know her a bit more and be sure to visit, In The Know Mom dot net for a look at her style, passions and cool outlook on life.

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From Sarah’s bio on the blog: Sarah (Co-Founder) Born on the East coast, transplanted to the West coast (California), I understand what the modern mom wants and needs.  We have a beautiful little girl, born in 2007, who is witty and kind, and a lover of pretty much everything.  We also welcomed our baby boy into the world early 2013.  We find it important that we surround our children with only safe, modern and eco-friendly products, as well as those to encourage their expanding minds.  Equally important to me is my need to maintain my own self… in style and health.

Joovy:  Sarah, to begin, how did you get started blogging?

Sarah:  I first started a family blog to document our lives in California.  Both my and my husband’s families live on the East Coast and the blog was a way to keep everyone updated.  At the same time my best friend, Erin, and I started a group on Cafemom called Fendi Moms.  The idea was to gather together a group of moms who didn’t want to just talk coupons.   It was a sanctuary for moms who were judged for preferring high-end baby products, over-spenders and dreamers both welcome!  It was so popular by 2009 we decided to take it to a new level where we could be seen by people beyond Cafemom, and In The Know Mom was born.

Joovy: How did you come to name your blog In The Know Mom?

Sarah:  My husband and I have always looked for friends who are “in the know”.   To us, it basically describes people who are passionate about life, are unique and true to themselves and look at every area with intelligence and criticism.  So when Erin and I were brainstorming a blog title, I could not even entertain anything other than In The Know Mom, so much so, I stubbornly went with a name that had already been taken, hence intheknowmom.net.

Joovy:  How does your blog differ from others?

Sarah: We pride ourselves on finding products others can’t, which is why we tend to have a lot of international companies featured.  We also aim to keep a high-end feel, staying true to our roots, whereas many other blogs go the frugal or couponing route.

Joovy:  How do you balance parenting and blogging?

Sarah:  I have a really supportive husband who knows my blog is important to me. When I have a deadline or am behind, he takes the kids somewhere far away from my ears.  I do my best blogging during those crunch times.  That can’t always happen though, so when life gets in the way, multitask!  I write my most creative blog posts walking around, wearing my youngest in a Babasling, speaking into a dictation app while also cleaning the house.  I’ll also dictate blog posts while driving in the car!  Hands free, of course.

Joovy:  What has been the most rewarding part of blogging?

Sarah:  The smile my daughter gets when the UPS man is at our door.  Fun mail surprises are part of her daily life.

Joovy:  When you’re not blogging, where do you escape to on the web?

Sarah:  I try to step away from the computer if I’m not blogging, but I do tend to drift over to Pinterest and other blogs.  If I’m on my phone, I’m in Instagram.  It seems I’m a very visual person!

Joovy: What’s been your most popular post or topic or favorite thing to share?

Sarah: Our most popular post is a DIY for postpartum pain, Padsicles.  This post went absolutely viral on Pinterest and, as a mom who recently put them to the test , they work wonders!

Joovy:  Can you tell us a bit about your family? How do you involve your kids and family in your blog?

Sarah: Well my blog and my family intertwine quite a bit, which makes it a family affair.  I’m married to the aforementioned supportive man, Neil, and we have two really special children.  Everyone plays a part in the blog.  My husband is the photographer for my posts, which I’m really proud of.  He’s amazing *gush*  Our six year old, Savannah, has proven to be crucial!  She gives me smart feedback on every kid product, and she is also a fabulous and often-featured model.  We have a four month old son, Gabriel, as well.  He’s not good for much at this point besides looking cute… really cute!  We are a fun-loving, outdoorsy, always up for a new adventure kind of family, and you will see that reflected in the blog.

Joovy:  The photographs on your blog are really good.  What kind of camera do you use and are you a professional photographer?

Sarah:  Lucky me, I have a professional photographer as a husband, but you don’t have to be a pro to shoot like one.  We use a Nikon D600 for most blog posts but also sometimes use our old Nikon D90.  Sometimes I can’t tell the difference!  Just as important as your camera choice is your lens choice (maybe more so).  I guess we are extremists because we most often reach for a macro (micro) lens or wide angle lens.  I tend to be my husband’s counterpart in the post-processing.  How you handle post-processing is key — here you can really make or break a photo!  I use Lightroom 4 for 90% of my editing.  Photoshop CS6 for the other 10% (the fancy things).

Joovy:  Tell us something random about yourself (- what did you want to be when you were a child or what did you study in college?)

Sarah:  I went to college (Virginia Tech) with a major in Human Nutrition Food and Exercise because of my passion for health and fitness, but I ended up in Los Angeles casting TV shows and movies for NBCUniversal.  You just never know!

Joovy:  Summer plans? Travel, stacation?

Sarah:  The only mandatory travel for this summer is to Arizona to see my BFF, and ITKM co-founder, Erin.  We both have new babies the other hasn’t met yet, and that is unacceptable!  My family tends to be spontaneous in travel, so we shall see where else the summer will take us.

Joovy:  So, you’re a Joovy Blogger, right? What’s your favorite thing about Joovy?

Sarah:  I respect Joovy,  not just because of the stellar products they create, but for how they raise the bar.  Every product that comes from Joovy challenges the rest of the industry to be better.  There is no status quo at Joovy, just ingenuity, skill and a lot of passion.  I’ve never met a brand more excited about what they do.  That is truly unique and inspiring.

Joovy:  One more question Sarah, as a mom, what one thing do you want to instill in your children as they grow up?

Sarah:  Wow, big question. I have to say confidence. When you love and believe in yourself you can do anything.

Joovy: Thanks Sarah! And, we invite you to read Sarah’s blog post, The Other Boob to get some more insight into her precious family as well as her style of writing.