Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lunch Box Ideas¦What to Pack and Will Your Child Eat It

When my children were young, it was easy.  I would put together a snack box with a yogurt, fruit and maybe some cheerios and they were happy.  Today, it is a completely different story.  All of my children (including my preschooler) are very opinionated about what goes into their lunchbox.  For years I would pack what I thought they should be eating.  Last year I tried something new.   I would take them grocery shopping and let them pick items to pack in their lunch.  I figured at least they would eat lunch and it wouldn’t end up in the trashcan.  This experience resulted in many items that turned my stomach like prepackaged snacks and Lunchables as well as a high grocery bill.


This year my kids are in for a shock.  We are changing our eating habits to “clean eating.”  I will not banish all treats and ice cream but will make every attempt to save them for special occasions.  My plan is simple.  It is to cut processed foods.  So the question is, how do I get my kids excited about these new “clean eating” lunches? Well, a new lunch box is always exciting and I hope that will work.  I love the bento lunch boxes that are popular now.  They encourage healthier eating.  Check out this website.  Not only can you purchase the bento boxes here but they also have 365 days of lunch ideas.



There are many ideas out there in the blogosphere with creative ideas.  These can be good but I still like to empower my kids to pack their own lunches but with guidance.  I believe every lunch should have a fruit, veggie, protein, drink and a treat.  I plan to brainstorm a list with the children with fruit, veggie, protein, drink and treat options.  I want to stick with the items that they like so I know they will eat their lunch.


A great children’s book that discusses one picky eater and lunch box meals is “Bread and Jam For Frances” by Russell Hoban.  This book is worth picking up if you have not read the book,


What do you put in your children’s lunchboxes?


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