Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Do You Take Your Children Trick or Treating on Halloween?

You may want to sit down before you read any further.  Whenever I tell people what I am about to tell you, jaws drop wide open.  I NEVER went trick or treating as a child.  EVER.

Yes, it is true.  My parents didn’t feel it was safe.  It was back in the day of horrible stories of razor blades hidden in candy apples and poisoned candy.  Hospitals volunteered to x-ray your candy for free to keep children safe.  Were there any truths to these stories or were they just urban legends?  If I was a parent with young children thirty years ago, I may have made the same decision as my parents.

I want to tell you that I never felt deprived or even thought I was missing out on trick or treating.   My parents put a lot of effort into making it a very special holiday for us.  We always had spectacular costumes, sometimes homemade and sometimes store-bought.  Our Halloween parties were the talk of the neighborhood.  They were so much fun with homemade treats and spooky games including a haunted house.   During the month of October,  our family would watch Halloween specials on TV like, Charlie Brown and the gang in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and The Legend of Sleepy Hallow narrated by Bing Crosby.  On Halloween night, we would always dress up in our costumes and hand out candy to our neighbors and friends as they trick or treated.  I loved seeing all the different and creative costumes at our front door.

I went trick or treating for the first time when I was 28 years old.  My husband and I took my stepdaughter.  I was very excited.  We live in a very quiet and safe neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun to see all the children running down the streets with their overflowing bags of candy.  Today, our children go trick or treating and they love it.

After experiencing the trick or treating for several years now, I have to say that I am ready to stay home again and hand out the candy.

Whatever your Halloween traditions are, be true to your beliefs.  There are many ways to enjoy the holiday and have fun.

What are your Halloween traditions?

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