Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Help! We Have a Stereotypical Boy!

My youngest child and I went to the doctor for his five-year-old well check the other day. The doctor asked if we were having any specific issues and I answered, Nothing physical, just behavioral.  She let out a giggle. We had three girls before our son. I had no idea what mothers meant when they said their sons were just so physical and active. Now, I get it. We need to run our son like a horse so he can burn his physical energy or disaster will strike.  Even after the run, we need to keep him engaged at home in a project, a lot free time leads to trouble. He likes to help around the house. Lucky for me, his favorite projects are with Dad and usually involve tools…and power tools are even more exciting. This weekend they decided to take our rusty golf cart apart, sand it down and repaint it. It’s like vacation time for me.

Another major difference I noticed is that my son has a much more difficult time verbally expressing himself than my daughters. These days we are really working with him on using his words when he is frustrated. Yesterday, he started to lose his temper. I pulled him aside and he told me that I was embarrassing him. I was so proud of him for communicating that to me. In turn, instead of just putting him in a time out we explain to him what that issue is so that he understands. This seems to be working…most of the time.

All the physical things aside, I love my son. He looked up at me when we were watching a movie the other day and said, Mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Kids always seem to know what to say and when you really need to hear it.



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