Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Will Baby Boxes Keep Babies Safer?  

An idea borrowed from Finland is being tested in New Jersey. This cardboard box is serving as a bassinet and crib for new babies in a new program designed to for newborns in New Jersey. Three other states have started similar programs since this program launched in January.

As crazy as the idea sounds, people are catching on to the idea, especially when new parents don’t have room for a crib or bassinet. The free box is decorated and recipients are invited to learn basic parenting skills, especially on safe sleeping for infants.

The box is typically filled with baby clothes and baby care products that help parents get started with caring for the newborn.

While there is an ongoing debate about the overall safety of baby boxes, many are praising the positives of these programs and ASTM International has assigned a task group to look at expanding the current standards for bassinets to include baby boxes.

Surely we will be hearing more about this product and its use over the coming months. Certainly the upside is the educational opportunity to get in front of new parents, teach them about sleep-related infant safety, SIDS and this is a good thing.

New mom Maisha Watson uses one of the 20,000 cardboard boxes given out so far in New Jersey. She’s glad to have a safe spot for her son to sleep. But some question the boxes’ safety and effectiveness.

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Source: Will Baby Boxes Really Keep Children Safer? : Shots – Health News : NPR