Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Joovy Story!

Hi!  I just wanted to say I discovered your brand through Metro Moms Austin. I now have several items on my registry! I recently attended a Metro Moms Austin event and won the ultralight caboose tandem stroller which was at the top of my must have list. I wanted to thank you for being a loyal sponsor to these awesome events. It is so helpful to see these items and have Regan show them off before we make our purchase decision. A visit to the baby store can be quite overwhelming. You now have a loyal customer and I will be sure to tell my mommy friends how much I love your brand.

Best Regards,

Lori Koniski Freemon

Friday, 12 July 2013

Joovy Customer Service

Hi. Thank you for OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have your stroller and your highchair, and love your products. Unfortunately, our highchair tray no longer snaps into place. I emailed through this site, and was contacted right away with a telephone number to reach. When I called, I was greeted by a person (not a machine) and was asked how I could be helped. The person I talked to was named Dave. He quickly realized the problem and said he would send a replacement piece right away. I didn’t think customer service like this existed anymore!! Thank you so much for the pleasant surprise and for such wonderful costumer service. If anyone asks where they should go for baby supplies, I am definitely going to direct them to Joovy. MANY THANKS Joovy team and a special thanks to Dave!

- received from a happy Joovy customer 7/11/13

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Joovy Story….

Dear All,

I want to really compliment with your organization.  you are really good at what you do.

I just happened to place my order on this last saturday. I am continuosly updated through your email with the Fedex Tracking.

I know that today Fedex called in at my office for the necessary paperworks at import.

this is absolute faboulous as I am going to leave for the summer holiday with my two children on next week and this means I can have my brand new Joovy Caboose!!!

thank you very much :)

Daniela, Italy

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Joovy Story….

April 18, 2013

Hello Joovy,

I spoke to the customer service manager, David at the beginning of April about my Joovy Kooper.  We had purchased it primarily to use while we travel, and on our two recent vacations and we were concerned because one of the front wheels kept buckling under and didn’t turn well, and we were afraid our son would fall out.  David had new front wheels sent to me, and I used the stroller on Monday as I attended the Boston Marathon with my son.  We were standing directly between the two bombs, and I ran for 4 miles, pushing my son in the Kooper so we could get home safely.  I have never been so grateful to a company as I was to Joovy as I ran, because the new wheels were working and I was able to run without worrying about the stroller toppling over.  So I wanted to send my thank you to everyone at Joovy!!

Thank you,

Denise L.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hi Dave,

Happy Friday!  We received the new stroller yesterday, and Camden was so excited to “help” me put it together- until he realized the box it came in was so much more fun to play with!  But we got it together and took it right outside for a walk, then did a comparison between his Kooper and the new Zoom – he decided he loves them both.  Thank you so much for sending it, we will definitely be putting it to good use!  We went for a walk with the Zoom last night and he kept telling me to “run faster”, so who knows, I might be training for the marathon before long!  I attached some pictures of him trying out both strollers for you.  

Thank you again so much!  This was so generous of you and Joovy!

Have a great day!

Denise L.

**note  We were moved by Denise’s story and thought that she and her son needed new wheels to run with after such  a harrowing experience.  We are so happy they are safe an

DSC_0108d sound and Boston Strong!