Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summertime Fun Giveaway! {Little Pim Complete Language Set}

Thank you to all who entered the Little Pim contest!  There are many of you wanting to teach your children a language and we applaud this!  Remember to check out all the great language sets from Little Pim!  And, the winner is……

Randi Wall!  Congrats Randi.  You will be hearing from Little Pim directly.

This summer, how about teaching your little ones a little French or Spanish?  Hola!  Bonjour!


It’s never too soon to learn a foreign language and Joovy is excited to partner with Little Pim  for this Joovy Tuesday giveaway!  Little Pim ia a super cool company that markets language kits for babies and kids! Have you ever thought of teaching your child(ren) another language? Little Pim language kits are available in  Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and English.

Joovy loves Little Pim and we are excited to offer this giveaway of one of their deluxe sets valued at $169.95!  This awesome prize is a Complete Spanish or French Language Gift Set with videos, books and more!    These thoughtful sets are visually engaging and stimulate your child in fun and familiar ways.  Get in on the fun today!

To enter, scroll down to Rafflecopter. Contest runs through Saturday!  Also,  don’t forget to enter the $500 shopping spree from Joovy!  Enter both contests for a great start to summer!


Winner chooses from these sets:

Complete French Gift Set

The ultimate Little Pim package! Includes:

  • All 6 French DVDs (“Eating and Drinking,” “Wake Up Smiling,” “Playtime,” “In My Home,” “Happy, Sad and Silly” and “I Can Count!”)
  • 9″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda
  • French Bop music CD
  • French Word & Phrase Cards
  • Two Little Pim Books (“Colors” and “Feelings”)
  • A brand new Little Pim backpack

Complete Spanish Gift Set

The complete Little Pim package! Includes:

  • All 6 Spanish DVDs” (“Eating and Drinking”, “Wake Up Smiling,” “Playtime, ” “In My Home,”  “Happy, Sad and Silly,”  “I Can Count!”)
  • 9″velvety soft plush Little Pim panda
  • Spanish Bop music CD
  • Spanish Word & Phrase Cards  ***PLEASE NOTE ***This item is on backorder. It will be shipped separately when available OR winner may choose a tee shirt or onesie in it’s place.
  • Two Little Pim Books (“Colors” and “Feelings”)
  • A brand new Little Pim backpack

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Monday, 17 June 2013

And, the winner is……Super Dad A Father’s Day Giveaway of Mega Brand Proportions

Are you ready for this? One lucky SuperDad just won our#PickMySuperDad photo contest and won more than $3500 in prizes from the best baby gear brands!

And the winner is: Nicole Dufour Suhre!!!



“Our family hero is a web developer and photographer by day and by night and the weekends: Super Dad! Always up for diaper changes, bath time and messy feedings he can make our son giggle and laugh like no one else can. When Daddy is in the room, no one else is. His super skills are all the more impressive when you know that he also battles Cystic Fibrosis every day. SuperDad, SuperHusband, SuperMan.”

Congratulations Nicole! Look for an email from us very soon with details on how to claim your SuperDad prize!!!

It’s true that Father’s Day is just around the corner!  So, this Joovy Tuesday we’re sharing something SUPER to celebrate the Super Dad in your life!  Enter our Super Dad – A Father’s Day Giveaway of Mega Brand Proportions!!!  Brought to you by Joovy and some of our favorite brands, what dad wouldn’t LOVE this amazing and SUPER giveaway!


Enter here and surprise the Super Dad in your life!

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Joovy Tuesday {Mother May I?}

Mother, May I announce our winner?


And, the winner is:  Jateice Vieux!  Please email us at contest@joovy.com to claim your prize!


It’s mid May and two days after Mother’s Day and we’re asking, “Mother, May I?”


Did you ever play the game as a child?  We have fond memories of being the ‘mother’ or trying to get there.  Now that you’re a real mom, let’s play for a Joovy prize!

[Mother May I take five running jumps at this? (can you tell we’re excited?)]

There are three entries for today’s Joovy Tuesday and, you can tweet 3 different times for additional entries.  When you tweet, feel free to fill in the Joovy product you’re taking steps closer too……Prize is $250 towards the purchase of your choice.

Have FUN and Good Luck!

Mother, May I?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Joovy Tuesday {Mother’s Day Giveaway}

The lucky mothers in our Joovy Tuesday {Mother’s Day Giveaway} are, drumroll and congratulations to:  Amanda Nowak  wins $100, Sonya Morris wins $200 and Jenna Sybert wins the grand prize of $300 to spend at joovy.com!  CONGRATULATIONS!  Please call us at 877-456-5049 to spend your prize! Must be redeemed by 6/30/2013.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Joovy is throwing a Joovy Tuesday giveaway that rocks!  We’re giving away three Mother’s Day Spending Spree!  Grand prize is $300 spending spree at joovy.com!!!  Second place is $200 and third place is $100.

What would you choose?  An assortment of Boobs and Doods?  A new jogging stroller?  Room, Spoon, Nook or Hook? So many Joovy things to choose from.  We want to know what’s on you wish list!!!

Good luck moms and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY from Joovy!


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Joovy Tuesday {Win a Bicycoo a Noodle TOO}

And, the winners are:  Andrea Clark and Janet Watson!!!  Both entered by joining the Club Joovy mailing list.  Congratulations ladies and be sure to call us at 877-456-5049 to claim your prize!

Everyone should check out the Bicycoos and Noodles as it’s time to get out and be active!

This just in from my darling step-daughter Kelly, mother of three beautiful daughters; 4 year old twins, Molly and Tessa and six year old, Kate.

Balance bikes worked!!! No training wheels for Molly and Tessa!

Should have seen Kate’s (big sis) face when she got off the bus and saw her little sisters riding without training wheels….it motivated her to get on and finally try!

Seriously though, Molly and Tessa are always on their Bicycoos….I am a believer now that they totally work and no running behind your kid for hours holding on! : )

Click on each picture to see how they do!

And, enter below for your chance to win a Joovy Bicycoo and brand new Joovy Noodle helmet!

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.38.17 PM

Molly riding a ‘big kid bike’ after starting on the Joovy Bicycoo balance bike

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.43.34 PM

Kate after seeing her little sisters ride the bike.


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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Joovy Tuesday The Day After Earth Day {Zoom Giveaway}

Winners are: EJ Morales and Bokhyun Yoo!!!  Congratulations ~  please email contest@joovy.com to claim your prize.

Yesterday was Earth Day, the day we teach our children to be environmentally responsible for our earth, our country, our state, our community, our town, our neighborhood, our yard, our home.  We love our spaces and want every young person to regard their space with respect.  We teach our little ones to recycle and reuse.  We teach them to turn the water off when they brush their teeth.  We are all learning about ‘carbon footprints’ and buying ‘local’ produce.  These are all wonderful life lessons and we love teaching these things to all children in every community.

Joovy believes there is another aspect to Earth Day and Earth Month, that is, embracing this beautiful world we live in by being in it and active in it everyday!  Breathe in the beauty and teach our children to be active and to live an active lifestyle.

To celebrate Earth Day/Month we want to get more families out to breathe in the beauty of the earth.  This week we’ll be giving away TWO Joovy Zoom 360 or Zoom ATS to get YOUR family out to enjoy the fresh air. Enter below and, whether win or lose, get out and enjoy this amazing place we call home! GOOD LUCK!

64_2_a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Joovy Tuesday {Your Choice Giveaway}

Winners are posted below on the Rafflecopter graphic.  Please email contest@joovy.com with YOUR CHOICE in prize!

Joovy Tuesday is  back in action to bring you a great contest!  This week, we are offering a fabulous ‘your choice’ prize!

Three winners will choose from:

  • $100 gift set of our brand new Joovy Boob and/or Dood gift set (or combo of both).  We will assort bottles, adapters, insulators, vents and breast pump adapters to offer the very best baby bottle on the market today!
  • theBabaSling baby carrier in your choice of color
  • Roo frame stroller to transport baby in its infant car seat
  • Spoon walker/high chair

Entry is easy!  Please visit joovy.com to check out the prizes above then comment on our blog what it is you LOVE about your choice in prize.  That’s it!  We’ll do the rest!  Fingers crossed, you’re name will be one of the lucky three winners.

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Joovy Logo big

Monday, 8 April 2013

Joovy Boob {Winners} New Mood For Food

Thank you for all the entries and great comments about the new Joovy Boob!  We hope everyone will have a chance to try the Boob out personally!  The three winners for last week’s contest are:  Aura Haft, Kristi Stefanini Peshke and  Lacey Junell!!!  Please check out the Boob web page and email us the age of your baby and which size Boob is best for you.  Email us at contest@joovy.com!  Congratulations!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Joovy Tuesday – A New Mood For Food

It’s finally here: the new mood for food at Joovy!  We invite you to help us spread the word about this new, innovative baby bottle and enter to win one today!  We’ll run the contest through the end of the week to give everyone a chance to share the news about the Boob!

Joovy-113 copy

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Joovy Tuesday: Introducing the Joovy Boob {Giveaway}

Joovy is thrilled to announce our new baby bottle, the Joovy Boob and we’re giving some away! But first, we want to tell you why The Boob baby Bottle is the best baby bottle on the market. Read below to see just what sets the Joovy Boob apart from other baby feeding systems. Be sure to enter the giveaway on the link at the bottom.


What makes the Joovy BoobTM

the best baby bottle on the market today?


  • Advanced Nipple Designl_ihUXZwerhB4VHs_51XFxWvMva0il-cGJYC0BjgMvQ
  • Shaped more like mom to promote easy and natural “latching”
  • Easy transitioning from bottle-to-breast and breast-to-bottle.
  • Unique nipple is extra soft and designed to prevent nipple collapse.


  • CleanFlow VentCleanFlow Vent
  • Simple to use yet very high-tech for proper venting.
  • Prevents vacuum to reduce colic symptoms






  • High Quality Feeding PPSU Bottle
  • Available in a choice of two materials – ultra premium PPSU and high quality PP
  • Incredibly durable and dishwasher safe


  •  Better Temperature Control 




  • The Joovy Boob Insulator maintains temperature longer.
  • Freezer safe.
  • Protects milk longer.


Joovy-51 copy

  • Breast Pump Adapter
  • Fits most major brands
  • Works with sealing cap and insulator 
  • Pumps directly into bottle for storage or transport



  • Cleaning Made Simplem_9H4OE_lfki8Hcrgap5mWgUFFs2nOJ9Z9r4sGXns2w
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Thorough

We made it really easy.




It’s the most amazing feeding system available today! Enter below to win a Joovy Boob today!



 Win One Today!  Enter Here!