Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Joovy Tuesday: Introducing the Joovy Boob {Giveaway}

Joovy is thrilled to announce our new baby bottle, the Joovy Boob and we’re giving some away! But first, we want to tell you why The Boob baby Bottle is the best baby bottle on the market. Read below to see just what sets the Joovy Boob apart from other baby feeding systems. Be sure to enter the giveaway on the link at the bottom.


What makes the Joovy BoobTM

the best baby bottle on the market today?


  • Advanced Nipple Designl_ihUXZwerhB4VHs_51XFxWvMva0il-cGJYC0BjgMvQ
  • Shaped more like mom to promote easy and natural “latching”
  • Easy transitioning from bottle-to-breast and breast-to-bottle.
  • Unique nipple is extra soft and designed to prevent nipple collapse.


  • CleanFlow VentCleanFlow Vent
  • Simple to use yet very high-tech for proper venting.
  • Prevents vacuum to reduce colic symptoms






  • High Quality Feeding PPSU Bottle
  • Available in a choice of two materials – ultra premium PPSU and high quality PP
  • Incredibly durable and dishwasher safe


  •  Better Temperature Control 




  • The Joovy Boob Insulator maintains temperature longer.
  • Freezer safe.
  • Protects milk longer.


Joovy-51 copy

  • Breast Pump Adapter
  • Fits most major brands
  • Works with sealing cap and insulator 
  • Pumps directly into bottle for storage or transport



  • Cleaning Made Simplem_9H4OE_lfki8Hcrgap5mWgUFFs2nOJ9Z9r4sGXns2w
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Thorough

We made it really easy.




It’s the most amazing feeding system available today! Enter below to win a Joovy Boob today!



 Win One Today!  Enter Here!


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Beverley Mitchell’s Baby Shower

Everyone’s a fan of mom-to-be Beverley Mitchell, and Joovy is thrilled that she is a fan of Joovy. The expectant mom, known as Lucy Camden on the hit series 7th Heaven, and husband Michael Cameron, are expecting a baby daughter in April.

The radiant Beverley was ‘showered’ in grand style with her mom and best friends over the weekend and Joovy was delighted to participate. The coolest part of the event was the everyone brought gifts for a cause close to Beverley’s heart, Teen with a Dream  whose mission is to bring toys and gifts to kids fighting cancer. As Beverley wrote in her blog post, “It meant so much to spread the love and give back.”

We want to wish Beverley the best and welcome she and Michael to our Joovy family!!! We know she’s going to be an awesome mom!!!

Beverley BS Joovy 2

Beverley’s new Joovy Zoom jogging stroller and Room playard.

Beverley BS BOOB

Beverley is one of the first expectant moms to receive the Joovy Boob Baby Bottle!

Beverley BS Joovy 1

Won’t Beverley look hip in her new Joovy tee?


Photos courtesy of Good Carma Studio

Photo Credit: Lu Tapp Photography


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy Birthday to Joovy Founder & Dad, Rob Gardner

Today we’re celebrating a birthday at Joovy! Our founder, Rob Gardner is having a birthday. Rob is the vision behind all things Joovy but his most important job is ‘dad’ to his four beautiful children. They want to post a special message here and they hope you’ll do the same!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday dad!

Happy Birthday dad!

 kokuban (4)

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pregnancy & Newborn Features the Joovy Nook



This is as cute as three peas in a pod! Look at these cutie pies lined up in their greenie Joovy Nooks. Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.53.12 PM

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

babytalk – Hot Tot Spots, March 2013

Baby Talk March 2013 - Breeze

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} for February!

Joovy is excited to introduce a new element to Joovy Tuesday, our Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} series. Each month, we will profile one of our Joovy Mom’s and active bloggers, share a bit about them, their passions, family, blog amongst other fun and groovy things!

This month, our Groovy {Joovy Blogger} is none other than, Kate Marsh Lord of The Shopping Mama.

We had the great pleasure of visiting with Kate for an enlightening and fun discussion. We hope you’ll enjoy this introduction to Kate, The Shopping Mama and one GROOVY Joovy Mom, for sure!

1. Kate, to begin, how did you get started blogging? What was the overriding reason you started blogging?

My first blog was a small family blog that we used to keep family up to date with our adventures. As a military family we move often and don’t live near family so it was a great way to share photos and stories with relatives.

A few months after my daughter was born, after hearing the question, Where did you get that? nearly every day I decided to start a blog to show exactly where I got that! The blog evolved into so much more and it’s been an amazing creative outlet for me and has provided some great friends and unique opportunities.

2. How did you come to name your blog The Shopping Mama? What significance does this have in your life?

At the time, it was just a cute little name to describe exactly what I was doing: shopping for my kids. Now, years later, and as my brand the name seems a little silly, to be honest. But, it still describes the mission of the blog: to save time for busy moms by doing the shopping for them and sharing the best products for families.

3. How does your blog differ from others?

At the moment, the most unique thing about The Shopping Mama is that my family is living in Germany. So, in addition to traditional reviews and fun giveaways, we also document lots of European family adventures and travels.

4. How do you balance parenting and blogging? Is there a secret?

If there’s a secret, I’d love to hear it! I get most of my of my work done after the kids are asleep. Luckily my kids go to bed early, but it does mean many late nights for me. During the day I get things done while the older kids are at school and my little guy is napping.

5. Your current computer is a ________.

MacBook Pro. I made the switch from PC about a year ago. I’m still getting used to it!

6. When you’re not blogging, where do you escape to on the web?

I always get a good laugh reading Suria’s Burn Book and The Honest Toddler. And, of course, I catch up on gossip on Us Magazine and People!

7. What’s been your most popular post or topic?

Many posts seem to ebb and flow depending on what’s hot on search engines and Pinterest. Recently my son’s modern nursery has been popular as has a tutorial for a DIY mei tai doll carrier.

8. How do you involve your kids and family in your blog?

I’ve blogged the most about my son Max, including documenting my pregnancy and writing about his milestones every month. My older kids (4 and 6) know that I write a blog and that they are a big help in telling moms on the internet about toys and clothes. They love the testing and talking about things, but not so much the photo shoots. Not gonna lie: there is sometimes bribing involved in getting good photos.

9. What kind of camera do you use?

I have a Nikon D90, which I love, but found it to be cumbersome and too big for traveling and carrying around every day (in addition to all the other things I tote along with 3 kids!). I switched to a smaller mirrorless mircro four thirds camera which still takes amazing photos but is much smaller and easier to take everywhere with me. My Olympus PEN EPM-1 has served me well!

10. In your opinion, what is the best kids/gear flash site?

My favorite flash site is zulily. They have an amazing selection, good customer service and relatively quick shipping. I also really like Gilt Groupe for higher end brands.

11. Can you share your 3 favorite apps?

I’m addicted to Instagram! Follow me! I use Facebook all the time, of course, and when we’re traveling I always download an app of the area’s public transportation. Finally, I love ArtKive for storing my kids artwork.

12. What 5 blogs do you read daily?

  1. Baby Loving Mama
  2. MomTrends
  3. Thrifty & Chic Mom
  4. Momma’s Gone City
  5. Girls Gone Child

13. What is your favorite Joovy product and why?

Oh, that is a tough question! Honestly, we’ve had a great experience with every Joovy product we’ve used for our family so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Let’s see, my husband’s favorite is the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller, my daughter’s favorite is the Joovy Toy Room² Playard, and I think recent my favorite is the theBabaSling from Joovy. I wouldn’t have survived Max’s babydom without it.

14. Anything else you want to share about you or your blog?

The Shopping Mama is always evolving and growing; it’s a new challenge every day to create engaging content that I’m proud to share. Even with all the great products and trips and opportunities (and my family has been very fortunate), the best part of blogging is the people I’ve met and connected with online. Staying home with kids especially when we move every year or two can be very isolating but the internet connects us, and for that I’m very thankful.

Joovy wants to personally thank Kate and her family for their service to our country. We are proud to have them as a Joovy family. Also, a big thank you for sharing your story about The Shopping Mama! It was a treat to learn about you!

If you would like to be considered for Joovy’s Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}, please join our Joovy Blogger Program.


Monday, 4 February 2013

Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}

News, news, NEWS!!! We are so grateful for our awesome bloggers that we what to introduce a new featured monthly column that is exclusively about them! Every month we will be profiling one of our bloggers in the Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}. We want to boast and brag about each and every one of our Joovy Bloggers, their great efforts and their awesome sites!

Tomorrow, Joovy Tuesday, we will launch our February Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight}. This inaugural post will profile one of our Grooviest Bloggers and we know you’ll enjoy learning more about this amazing person.

Would you like to be featured? If so, get your groove on and enter our raffle to be featured in the Spotlight! Next week, we will roll out the blogger contest for all to enter for a chance to be featured in March. We invite you to enter if you are currently a Joovy Blogger or have applied to our blogger program in the past.

So, sit back and enjoy our first featured Groovy {Joovy Blogger Spotlight} tomorrow!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Joovy Showcases New Products at the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair

Joovy participated in the Hong Kong Baby Fair held at the Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai, the first week in January, 2013. Buyers from around the world gathered to see new product introductions and visit with manufacturers. The Joovy booth was busy all week while Joovy showcased the new theBabaSling, Caboose Too Ultralight, TwinRoo, Noodle and the new feeding category, the Boob Baby Bottle and Dood sippy cup (just to name a few of the new Joovy products for 2013). 

Joovy was delighted to visit with interested parties from all corners of the globe: USA, Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Europe, Dubai, Isreal, Egypt, and more! Thanks for stopping by to spend time with us!


Monday, 21 January 2013

New Joovy Partner in Thailand

Please join all of us at Joovy as we welcome our newest international distributor in Thailand: Rochana Na Thalang and her associate, Sukanya Wallin.

Their company, M.E.D. Co., Ltd is off to a great start in 2013 sharing the good news about the quality and functionality of our Joovy Caboose and Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Tandem strollers.

We are sure it won’t be long until all of Thailand is asking for more Joovy!

Welcome Rochana, Sukanya and M.E.D. Co., LTd.!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Joovy Blogger Program 2013

Review Bloggers

Moms (and Dads) you’ve come to the right place to learn about the Joovy Blogging Program. Joovy loves partnering with blogging professionals to review our products. We also love to learn about you, your blog’s focus, your expertise and passions.

We’d love to learn why you want to blog about Joovy, our brand and products and how they fit with your blog. There’s just a little bit of information we require of you and it’s all listed below. Please tell us about your site and the traffic. This helps us determine which item is best for your blog. Samples are for review and giveaway only, not for resale.

Presently, we are looking for bloggers to review all Joovy products especially our newer introductions: moonRoom, Roo, TwinRoo, Spoon, Loo and StepTool. Existing favorites are also available: Caboose Ultralight, Groove, Nook to name a few. Take a visit to our website to see what product fits your family presently.

If one of the above products is of interest to you to review, please note this on your application with your color of preference.

Next step? We’ll visit your site and take a look at previous reviews you have done. If we feel that we have a good fit, you’ll be hearing from us.

The Joovy Blogging Program will serve you, your readers and fans of Joovy products with valuable information about our product features and cool new introductions and we look forward to working together.

Please submit your application only once. Thank you for your submission!