Friday, 24 May 2013

Beach Babe!


Friday, 24 May 2013

Going Green with the Joovy Ultralight!

Going green with the Joovy Ultralight!

Going green with the Joovy Ultralight!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

TwinRoo – We LOVE this Stroller!

We love this stroller!  Now it will never fully replace the conventional double stroller for a mother of multiples but while the babies are still in the carrier type car seats it’s much nicer.



First of all it is super easy to assemble.  I had a back injury and was still able to assemble it totally independently in less than 10 minutes.  It is much smaller when folded than other double strollers.  We drive a Pontiac Vibe and we were actually able to go to Costco and fit all of our purchases in the back with the stroller, not stacked in between the car seats and on the floor beneath them.


When we first got this stroller I had recently had abdominal surgery and then shortly later had back surgery and I was able to push it with minimal effort with in two weeks of the back surgery, to fold it and lift it as well.  It’s way more maneuverable than the tandem stroller and fits much better into doorways than the side by side stroller. You can also see both of the babies at the same time and not have to stop to do the lean around.  I also loved the large storage underneath, you can fit so much stuff down there and with 4 cup holders there’s a spot for everyone’s beverage.  I think the only con is that at some point we’ll have to switch back to the other stroller.

- Kate


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

CocoonX2 Hits Yellowstone

521741_413769768719235_963856473_n (1)Contributed by Tales of a Mountain Mama


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Joovy TwinRoo Review

First off, I would like to say that I am a mother of a singleton followed by twins and I wish that I would have had this product sooner… it has been a lifesaver.   I went a different route with my first baby than a lot of my friends because I didn’t like the setup, sturdiness, or push of the snap and go type strollers.  I had used a popular brand of my relatives one day and hated it.  I found with twins I am a lot more open minded to solutions and this stroller is exactly that.


The initial assembly was very simple and quick; the entire process took less than fifteen minutes with my two year old “helping” me the whole time. The overall feel is very sturdy and stable.  It is so nice having a stroller that doesn’t need any attachment to use with Chicco car seats (a rarity it seems in stroller world).  The setup and breakdown when you are out and about is extremely easy and well thought out not awkward like a lot of strollers out there.  I still love the push and feel of my double jogger, but for quick errands, shorter shopping trips, doctors appts, etc. nothing beats this lightweight lightning fast, won’t disturb my sleeping twins option.

My babies are getting a little older now so they do have a time limit that they want to be fastened in anything, especially a car seat which means I use another option if it is going to be a really long day out.  I feel it would be an even more useful product and would be amazing for long lengths of time too if I would have had it since the birth of my boys.  It is bitter sweet enjoying it now but knowing how much easier things could have been with this around from the time I took my boys home.


The inward facing design, so they can see each other is unique and really nice.  The only problem I am finding with that, is when I am sitting at a table and wish I could feed both babies side by side and check on them, it isn’t possible.  However, when I am in motion they seem to enjoy it a lot.  I absolutely love the cup holders that are not an upgrade or after purchase add on.  Having them standard is not only economical but great because you know they work and won’t disturb the folding process.  They hold my drink, car keys, cell phone and my wallet which is so helpful. The stroller pushes smoothly and I have no problem attaching my diaper bag.  My only real concern is the non-adjusting handle bar.  I am only 5’2” and if I am wearing heals I find myself almost feeling hunched over.  I can’t imagine how a tall mother would feel pushing it but with longer arms it may hit the same as it does on me.

When folded it is rather flat which makes up for it length.  Having a stroller that can hold twins is never going to be on the dainty side so I think it is amazingly compact and can fit in my truck three different ways and down the side of my minivan in a pinch.  I have only ever owned a side-by-side so this is a new adventure for me taking it out in public but it seems to fit in most aisles and turns really well even with the weight of packages.   As with most double strollers the basket is a bit hard to access but holds a lot of stuff and I found it very useful.


I would definitely recommend this product to a mom of multiples and would steer someone to try out the single Joovy Roo if they were looking for a snap and go assuming that it is the same great product that just holds one seat.  There are very few negative things to mention but a lot of positive, in general a great product that serves its purpose with ease and a bit of flair.
– Jennie

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ergo in Action


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Joovy Spotting at Farmer’s Market – Ergo Caboose

Look what was spotted at the LA Farmer’s Market – the Ergo Caboose! While the Ergo Caboose is configured completely differently that the Caboose and Caboose Ultralight, it’s functionality is similar.  Perfect for families with kids of different ages.  With the infant car seat attachment, baby rides in rear and up high for great visibility.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Peek-a-Boo Zoom

Joovy time


“Here is a pic from our walk today – this is what she does now in the Zoom!!! I took this pic for my parents.

Hilarious!!!!” – Wynn Everett

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Beauty of the Joovy TwinRoo!

IMG_0618 - Version 2

Parents of twins will get it.  The beauty of the TwinRoo is that the babies sit side-by-side and opposite so they see each other.  When they are a little older, they can even hold hands.  Parents love that the TwinRoo is easy to push and maneuverability is amazing because it is shorter than other twin frame strollers.  Such a beautiful picture!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Mummy is a Gadget Geek

From Mummy Gadget Geek:

Just wanted to let you know the Ergo Caboose arrived safe and well and has already been on several outings. My Mum’s partner (an engineer) says it kind of makes him want to go into pushchair design, he spent a long time examining how it all worked and marvelling at modern pushchair techniques!

Daphne loves the front seat and has had a couple of lovely sleeps in it, so it’s obviously comfy for her. She’s very excited when we get ready to go out and insists on climbing in herself. Sebastian thinks the ‘windows’ in the rear seat hood are amazing! And I am astonished that I managed to for a weeks worth of shopping in the basket.