Saturday, 2 August 2014

Joovy Roo in Gemany

Traveling with an infant? Whether here in the states or traveling abroad, there’s lots to consider. If you’ll be renting a car and driving, a car seat is an absolute necessity. In addition, you’ll need a stroller. But wait. Why not a frame stroller for your infant car seat instead? Compact, lightweight and easy for traveling.  The Joovy Roo is a great option and is compatible with Chicco, Peg Perego and Graco Classic Connect infant car seats.

Take a look at this family who recently traveled to Europe with the Roo.


Monday, 24 February 2014

5 ways to get outside with Joovy!

It’s no secret, getting outside with your kids is much better for them than being inside – watching television or playing video games. Sometimes it’s hard to take the plunge and get outside, because you all know, the kids have way more energy than we do! I wanted to encourage you to do just that though. Here are a few fun ideas of items you can use to get outside and get the blood pumping in your body and your child’s.

If you have one child, put him/her in the Joovy Zoom ATS or Joovy Zoom 360 and get a walkin’! Or a runnin’! You aren’t a runner you say? I have heard of SO many people who didn’t really care for running at first. They ended up committing to a “Couch to 5K Training Program” (google that, you can totally find something) and feel so good after that accomplishment. After my first daughter, I signed up for my first 25K, and she trained with me the whole way, long and short runs in a jogger! What’s even better, you are setting a wonderful example for the child that’s riding along with you. They see what you are doing, and in turn, want to be like you…which makes it a win/win for all in the getting healthy department.

If you have more than one child, the CocoonX2 is your answer! Not only can this be used for walking or jogging, but it comes with an attachment for your bike. My husband and I are avid bikers, so we use this product as a permanent fixture to my bike during the warmer Michigan months. It’s totally easy to convert from walking to riding behind a bike too!

If your kids love to play outside with toys, Joovy has some phenomenal things they can sink they teeth right in to. If they like ride-ons, Joovy has 2 to choose from, the 4×4 ride-on or the Race Car ride-on. What kid wouldn’t love one of these!!??

If biking is their flavor, the Tricycoo or Bicycoo is right up their alley. The Bicycoo is one of my favorite Joovy products to be honest. Two of my kids have used this and never had to use training wheels on their big girl bikes. The Bicycoo gives them the confidence and coordination to take the plunge and move to their big kid bike. Combine any of these fine choices (listed in #3 and #4) with the Noodle helmet for a full package.

If you love to wear your babies, the BabaSling is your answer! You can get walking on your schedule even if your baby has to sleep!

While these are great examples for year round, why not keep this in mind for the as Spring approaches?!

joovy 3

I encourage you. Just get outside – even if you will not be utilizing one of the Joovy items I mentioned in this post yet. You are making memories with these little people that will last forever. If you haven’t noticed, time is not slowing down and your kids keep growing – too fast most times! The technology can wait, the housework can wait, the laundry can SURE wait! 🙂 Your kids can’t.

Have fun! I’d love to hear what you do with your kids outside and if you have Joovy products, please tell me what you do with them. I’m always looking for more ideas!!

Guest post by Shannon McAvoy {Simple}

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Get Active and Stay Active with the Whole Family!

I’ve been working really hard this summer to get healthy. Being a work at home mom during the summer home with kids I want to make sure they too are staying active and the best way for all of us to do that is to do it together! Of course if you are in the high temp weather areas please use caution with some and always remember to drink lots of water and have it with you at all times for everyone!

10 Ways to Get Active with Your Kids in Tow

1. Go for a walk. No matter the age, no matter the ability it’s one thing everyone can do together. Put the little in the stroller and go. We also use this time to get the dog out. We have everyone taking turns holding the leash and Gavin has become much more confident in taking care of our pet as a result.

2. Swim. Swimming is a great way for everyone to stay cool and exercise at the same time.

3. Jump Rope. Did you know if you want to burn a lot of calories fast you should jump rope?

4. Run. This is a new one for me as I’ve stepped up my walking. I have the kids take their scooter so they can keep up with you.

joovy Collage

5. Hula Hoop. Not only is it fun for them but let’s talk about what a HUGE calorie burner this is.

6. Garden. Not only do you benefit from fresh vegetables to teach healthy eating but you can also burn a lot of calories when you’re moving all around digging, weeding, and planting your plants and vegetables.

7. Take a bike ride. This is a fun one that can be fun and you can make it short or long or the way to get to one of your plans for the day. I find children go farther and longer on their bikes.

joovy cocoon Collage

8. Play Wii. Many games are now made specifically with weightloss in mind. My boys love games where they can dance and since and before you realize of you’ve burned through 600 calories and you’ve had a fun night.

9. Rollerblade. This one is great for just mom too if the kids want to scooter or bike faster then you can walk or run.

10. Take a hike. My kids love exploring and I love climbing. If you plan accordingly your kids will find hiking fascinating. Not only will they not realize the exercise they are getting but being outdoors with nature is very educational too!

Contributed by Jennifer @ momspotted