Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photo by Michelle s.


My little baby monster

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photo by CJ M.


Max’s First Halloween

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photo by tiffany t.



My little ariel is dressed up as a lion for his first halloween because in hebrew his name means lion so its a really cute!

hmm well something joovy about my family is that we are young just got married and now have a cute little baby!

I would probably buy the Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller if i won this amazing prize!! 🙂


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photo by Tiffany W.

3095_Meet The Flintstones

We sometimes call our little guy “Bamm-Bamm” because one of his favorite toys to carry around is a little toy baseball bat. So it just made sense for our family to dress up as the Rubbles this year and since our friends were expecting a baby girl their family made the perfect Flintstones. I love to choose a theme and then make and put together the costumes myself. “Wilma” just went back to work and I am watching “Pebbles” for her. If we win the $100 I will put it toward purchasing a Joovy Caboose with the Caboose Too Seat for when I take Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm out together. I might actually consider getting the Big Caboose as we are hoping to give Bamm-Bamm a brother or sister soon. Fingers Crossed!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Spooky Joovy Tuesday {Giveaway + Monthly Photo Contest}

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  Dressing up, candy, spooky decorations and trick or treating!  It’s the best and the spookier the better!  Today is Spooky Joovy Tuesday and we’ve got a Joovy Foocot as our prize!  If you enter with a photo, you’ll ALSO be entered in our monthly photo contest which ends tomorrow.  We want to see how spooky your ghouls and goblins look in their costumes.

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below.  You’ll get +10 more entries if you upload  a photo in our monthly photo contest in addition to the Rafflecopter.  Share a picture of your ghoul or goblin on our Photo Contest Page today.   We will choose our Spooky Joovy Tuesday winner randomly and  you’ll be entered in both the Joovy Tuesday AND the monthly Joovy Photo Contest which ends tomorrow.

Spooky Joovy Tuesday Prize – Foocot (ends tonight)

October Ghoul or Goblin Prize – $100 to spend at www.joovy.com  (ends tomorrow night)

Adorable giraffe!

Gettin’ Roarringly groovy

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 29 October 2012

Photo by Bridget P.


Ella is going to be a ghost for Halloween! Had to change her costume last minute from a cupcake to a ghost because her cupcake costume is a fleece material and way to warm to wear for living in key west.

If Ella won the $100 we would get her the pink tricycle, we love going for walks down by the beach and that would be perfect for her next summer!

Something Joovy about our family is that we love to travel and site seeing! Recently moving to key west allows us to do tons of that but doesn’t stop us from venturing out of Florida last month we got to take Ella to Canada…love being able to take her different places!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Joovy Tuesday {Cocoon or Zoom} {Giveaway Winner}

We had a record number of people enter our Joovy Tuesday giveaway this week.  Just like the Joovy Moms, you all were split with what you would choose, the Zoom or the Cocoon.  Everyone had great reasons why they’d choose one or the other and we are so appreciative of everyone’s participation!

The winner this week is Mindy Havens!  CONGRATS MINDY!  Mindy joined Club Joovy and you can too!  If you didn’t join  yesterday, you can still join on our website.  Some cool things about Club Joovy  are free shipping and more giveaways!  Click on the Club Joovy icon that hovers on the right side of our website.

Mindy, please call us at 877-456-5049 and we’ll get your Zoom or Cocoon on its way, hopefully in time for Halloween! Once again CONGRATULATIONS!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Photo by Amanda S.

3083_10-18-12 140

Lillian is dressed in A Little Red Riding hood costume her Mommy mode for her and of course her big brother will be the big bad wolf. Lillian is getting to potty training age so we would likely use the 100.00 prize for a joovy loo and steptool.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Photo by Nancy M.


My Lil princess Mermaid=)

Monday, 22 October 2012

It’s Joovy Tuesday {Cocoon or Zoom} {Giveaway} Get Joovy for Halloween!

Joovy Tuesday – are you ready?  This week, because we are SO CLOSE TO 10,000 fans on our FB page, we wanted to do something BIG!  We asked the Joovy Moms which stroller would be best for this week’s contest: the Joovy Zoom or the Joovy Cocoon,  Believe it or not,  they were divided!!!  Everyone likes what they like, you know???  Half chose the Zoom and half chose the Cocoon.

So, the choice is up to you!  What will you choose when YOU WIN? …..  Let us know why and be sure to share this big giveaway!

Joovy Zoom360


  • This jogging stroller can be used from infancy to 75 pounds (with infant car seat adapter)
  • Seat sits higher than competition’s
  • Folds super compactly
  • Has lots of reflective material for safety
  • Huge canopy and sun visor
  • Comes with parent organizer, rain cover, pump
  • Swivel wheel to lock down for jogging or free wheel for strolling

Joovy Cocoon


Available in single or double (X2)

  • Cocoon-like compartment keeps children out of elements
  • Converts to jogger or bike trailer (with attachments)
  • Has huge storage for lots of take alongs
  • Great visibility and weather shield
  • Adjustable height parent handle

Enter today’s Joovy Tuesday.  If you win, YOU CHOOSE!!!
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