Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Joovy Tuesday and a Scooter for YOU!

Wow!  Thanks for all the great comments and interest in the Scooter!  We were blown away with all your excitement over this great new stroller introduction!  We are excited to announce that the winner of the first Scooter is…… Caroline Lee!  Caroline, be sure to check your inbox for instructions on how to redeem your prize!  Congrats, from Joovy!

Joovy is really excited to introduce our newly revamped Scooter!  It has a great new look and really great features that are sure to make your stroll scoot along smoothly!  How about an adjustable handle, a reversible, washable, padded seat liner and a one-step flat fold with standing position just to name three OUTSTANDING features on this new Scooter??   If that’s not enough, how about  sealed bearing wheels, removable, washable seat and multiple recline positions??  And, there’s SO MUCH MORE!   We think you’ll look great pushing the contemporary looking Scooter!  Why not give it a try?

We’d love for you to check out the new Scooter and tell us what you think!  Check out the Rafflecopter contest below and you may just win a Scooter yourself!


IMG_3282-2 IMG_3307 IMG_3341

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Daddy Scrubs and the Big Caboose!

Robert Nickel, founder of  Daddy Scrubs,  and his growing family had the honor of trying out the Joovy Caboose Stroller for three. And it was a hit at both Lego Land and Disneyland. In fact Mrs. Daddy Nickell, said “the day would not have worked without it”. Thanks for making such wonderful products, Joovy!  Says dad, “  It is very easy to fold up and put in the back of the car, and believe it or not “light weight” but when open holds a LOT of stuff.”

Thanks to the Nickells for sharing their beautiful family with us and be sure to check out all the great gear for expectant dads over at Daddy Scrubs!

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Joovy Boob

As seen on Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, October 3, 2013~


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Joovy Tuesday {Get Joovy to 20,000 Fans!} Win a Bumprider!





Thank you to all for sharing Joovy and helping us to reach 20,000 fans.  We still have a ways to go but your efforts paid off and we have many new fans!

The winner of our Rafflecopter contest is Angela Clark Trindle.  Angela, be sure to check your inbox for news on how to redeem your prize!  Thanks to all for participating and have a great weekend!

cooltext1215008112We are on the verge of 20,000 fans on Facebook!  We appreciate and love our fan community and want to get over that threshold of 20k.  Can you help us get there?  Please share with your social networks the current effort to Get Joovy to 20,000!  You just might win one of our Joovy Bumpriders, the coolest riding board for all your strolling needs!  Kids love it too!
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Joovy Tuesday ~ Introducing the new Bumprider Stroller Board ~ WIN One Today

The winner has been chosen and will receive the Joovy Bumprider in Black or White.  The winner is …… Laura Miller!  Congrats Laura and thank you for participating!  Instructions on how to redeem your prize have been sent to you via email!

Thanks to all you joined in on the fun!  Stay tuned for more fun here on the Joovy blog!


Joovy is proud to introduce the new Bumprider!  This amazing board is the only board you’ll need for all your strollers.  It easily installs on your stroller and will accommodate children 2 to 5 years of age up to 44 pounds.


Win one today!  Yes, For Joovy Tuesday we are offering a chance to win your own Bumprider!  Choose from black or white!

Good Luck!

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Joovy Bumprider is the ONLY Board You’ll Need!

As the leader in platform strolling, Joovy is proud to introduce the new  Joovy Bumprider! This is the only board you’ll need!  The Bumprider works on most, if not all of your strollers!  It’s unique construction includes arms that adjust in width, length and height and allows you to adapt quickly to each stroller.  It’s quick release clamps allow for quick installation and removal.

The Joovy Bumprider is available in black and white and is suitable for children 2 to 5 years old and 44 pounds.

Groove_Bumprider_Rt_Rear Groove_Bumprider_Rt_Side

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Winner Announced: Joovy Tuesday {Peter Rabbit Organics & Joovy Nook Giveaway}

Thanks to all who entered last week’s Joovy Tuesday giveaway!  We had over 1,000 entries!  The winner of the 2 month supply of Peter Rabbit Organics and the Joovy Nook is Laura Miebach Maya! Congrats to Laura!  Laura, you will be contacted by Peter Rabbit and us directly with instructions on how to claim your prize!

Stay tuned to the Joovy Blog for new and fun contests!

We’ve teamed up with Peter Rabbit Organics for a fun giveaway the week!  Peter Rabbit Organics  makes food pouches for babies and kids and offer amazing fruit and veggie blends. Their promise is “ that everything we make will always be 100% organic, 100% healthy (no added sugar, no added salt and nothing artificial) and always taste 100% delicious.”

So, who doesn’t like that?

And, today, you can win a two month supply of assorted Peter Rabbit Organics (valued at $140) AND a Joovy Nook high chair.  A perfect combo for your baby!

To enter, please see the Rafflecopter entry below.  Good Luck!



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Monday, 9 September 2013

Joovy Spotting in Vail

Check out what Jenn Larson spotted in Vail, Colorado! This super dooper Joovy display of strollers: the Zoom, Groove and ScooterX2! Thanks Kid Sport for making our day and thanks to Jenn for sharing. By the way, check out Jenn’s new blog Go Running, Mama! with a focus on food, fitness, and motherhood.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Be Sure to Call or Visit Your Grandparents This Sunday. If You Don’t Have One, Adopt One!

This Sunday, September 8, is National Grandparents Day.  The day originated with Marian McQuade in West Virginia.    She was looking for a way to help the lonely elderly in nursing homes.  In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that National Grandparents Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.


According to Wikipedia, the number of grandparents in the United States will rise from 65 million in 2011 to 80 million in 2020.  Grandparents are also helping out in the area of child care and support.  In 2012, 30% of children under five with working parents were cared for on a regular basis by a grandparent.


Our children our blessed to have three living grandparents and two living great-grandparents.   Unfortunately, none of them live close to us.  We have been lucky to see them many times throughout the years and our children feel a strong bond with them and an overwhelming love for them.  We also “adopted” our 90-year-old neighbor.  She has many grandchildren but none of them live in the area.  Recently, she taught our children how to play checkers with true strategy because they were going to visit their great-grandfather and wanted to play with him.


If you are part of the 30% that is lucky enough to have the grandparents help out with childcare, I am envious of you.  There are so many different things that grandparents can share with our children that we cannot.  They have a different perspective and have more life experiences.  Please help your children build and keep these important relationships.  If you are unable to visit, there are many other ways to maintain these bonds.  One of my daughter’s grandmothers read a book she was reading this summer so they could discuss it together over the telephone.  Another daughter saves buttons that have fallen off because only grandma can sew them on just right.  The artistic talents of our children are linked to a grandmother that sends the most creative thank you notes and has a love of art.  One daughter inherited a sense of style from a great grandmother that has a pair of shoes and accessories to match every outfit.


Please call, face time, visit or write the grandparents this weekend.  Small children can draw or paint a picture.  My grandfather told me a story a few years ago.  He wanted me to know that he chose the cemetery where he would be buried.  He said there were many cemeteries in his town but he chose the one where all the famous people were buried so maybe someone would visit him.  My grandfather had a very bad fall a few months ago that left him with memory loss and he is unable to care for himself.  It has been difficult for my entire family.  Before the fall, he was so sharp and active.  He would read, travel, work, play golf and volunteer.  He is now in a care facility.  All he wants to do is go home.  I will not be able to see him this Sunday but I hope someone “adopts” him and gives him the gift of a visit.


Please like this on Facebook if you will be calling or seeing your grandparents on Sunday or even adopting one.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

How is the New Clean Eating Plan Working?

I hope many of you are having better luck than I am!  It’s only been 3 weeks and I wasn’t expecting a miracle but some movement on the scale would’ve been nice.  The first week I was so careful about what I ate, didn’t drink anything but water and my two cups of coffee, and I exercised.  At the end of the week, I stepped on the scale and I had lost zero pounds.  This wouldn’t have bothered me so much but my husband lost ten pounds!  And he didn’t even exercise!  How is this fair?


Feeling completely discouraged, I went on vacation for a week to the East coast.  I grew up on the East coast and I always get excited when I go back. I miss the air, the lush green trees, the small town vibe and the FOOD!  I decided  to truly vacation and eat what I want and most likely have limited exercise.  The first four days I was there I had a Boston Crème donut and a regular coffee from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  Most days involved a lobster roll, clam chowder, ice cream, steak tips and more.  I really enjoyed my time eating my way through New England.   When I returned home, I was ready for a five-pound weight gain.   I stepped on the scale and to my disbelief I weighed exactly the same!  Now I was really confused.  I spent one week eating well and exercising and another week gorging myself on childhood favorites and the same number was on the scale.


I need to regroup.  I will not give up.  I will lose this extremely stubborn extra weight.  I have completely eliminated my morning favorite, French Vanilla Coffeemate, from my diet.  I tried milk and I even tried half and half in my coffee but its not cutting it.  I need to make a switch to tea.  This has probably been the toughest change for me.  I’ve also limited myself to drinking wine only three nights a week.  I’ve cut down on second servings and I am not eating dessert.  We are just finishing up the processed food at home and the kids are really missing the sweets and snack foods.  They do not agree with me that fruit can be a dessert.  I’m doing ok with the food changes; it’s the beverages that are difficult for me, especially the coffee and wine.


I think the only way to see the pounds start to drop is to amp up the exercise.  I like to exercise once I am finished but I just find it really tough to get started.  I’ve spoken with some friends about joining a gym thinking that will help motivate me.  But is it realistic?


How do you find the time and the motivation to exercise?


What is your favorite way to burn calories?


exercise DSC_EXERCISE_CLASS_large_323135110