Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Is It Time for Training Wheels? Reasons Parents Should Consider a Balance Bike Instead


That milestone decision has been made: it’s time for your child to learn to ride a bike! Now, you just need the equipment. Here are 5 reasons modern parents are choosing balance bikes over bikes with training wheels:

  1. A bike without pedals allows your child to focus on learning one task at a time: balancing. By isolating and allowing them to master this one thing they gain confidence. Your job? Praise, praise, praise them! 
  2. Training wheels prolong the pain! What? Yes, this is true. It takes kids longer to learn to balance correctly on a bike with training wheels. When kids turn on a bike with training wheels, they lean into the training wheel instead of actually learning to balance. This leads to dependence on the training wheels.  That’s why, when the trainers come off, kids usually fall and cry and don’t want to get on the bike again. This equals negative experience.  
  3. Very young children can straddle the balance bike and walk.  The sooner, the better rule applies here.  Most balance bikes are age graded for 3 and up. 
  4. Independence.  Yes, your toddler can get a big taste of independence learning to ride a balance bike.  They will show you how it’s done mom and dad.
  5. Training wheels look old fashioned.  Yep, this is true and balance bikes have a coolness factor that says you’re an in the know parent.

Why complicate things mom and dad? Lose the training wheels and you’ll have one less thing to manage, your child will amaze you and you’ll be building a foundation of confident kid who owns the world! Hooray for balance bikes!



Thursday, 13 October 2011

Get Your Baby Out of that Car Seat!

Wait, what did you just say Joovy?

While car seat safety is exceedingly important, Joovy feels very strongly about getting your babies out of their car seats—when you’re not in the car!  Hold your baby mom and dad!

Super cool baby equipment makes our lives run smoothly and efficiently, especially for those of us on the go.  But, as we parents stay super-mobile, the trend seems to be that baby spends more and more time in his/her car seat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the CPSC and JPMA all recommend safety standards for these essential baby products and we at Joovy hail these guidelines and standards. Equipment has changed much over the years.  But are we, as parents, over using infant car seats instead of holding our babies?  As awesome as the versatile infant car seat is, are we keeping our babies in them more than a reasonable amount of time?

In Joovy’s opinion, babies are spending way too much time in infant car seats.

Let’s face it, babies first outing is to go home from the hospital in the infant car seat.  They are strapped into the seat and often times they spend a good portion of the entire day in that super portable infant seat.  Babies are put in the car seats to nap.  Many babies are fed in the car seat.  When parents need to scoot out to run errands, the infant, is put back into that car seat, which is then snapped into the car seat base (in the car) and then snapped into the snap and go or stroller.  They are whisked off to day care in the infant car seat and dad picks up baby and snaps him into the infant car seat adapter in his car for the trip home.

Life is full of jobs and errands and places to go, but babies are babies only once and it is easier to hold an infant than a 15 year-old teenager. Hold them while you can mom and dad! The payoff is bonding and nurturing moments that an infant car seat cannot provide. Common sense tells us that if they are held more, they will be more connected to you and the payoff will be huge.

Joovy thinks these modern inventions and conveniences are quite amazing and designed to keep baby safe while in the car but we urge you to hold your baby in those off-times rather than snapping them in and out all day long.

Hold them in your arms. Cradle them and cuddle them.  Let them feel the beat of your heart and warmth of your body.  Get them out of that car seat!

Monday, 3 October 2011

On the Road with Baby

You’re packing for your family road trip — what baby/little tyke gear should you include? While it’s tempting to take everything under the sun, be practical first and check the amount of space you have in your vehicle. Then you can gather what you want to take. I recommend making an essentials pile, and then a wishlist pile. Once you’ve got everything, then see what you can fit and what you may have to leave behind.  Questions to answer are;
Where is your child going to sleep?
Is there a safe place for them to play?
Where is a safe place for them to eat?
Will you need a stroller?

Where’s Baby Sleeping? Can they play there too? If you have a baby or toddler that usually sleeps in a crib, you have to make sure you take something for them to (or arrange to have something at your location). While a hotel portable crib (usually a smaller version of a crib) may be fine and clean, but a hotel may supply a playard instead. Call first and find out what’s available, because if you are driving anyway, bringing your own playard for them to sleep in. It will be much cleaner and you know what you are getting.  I’ve stayed in places (even recently) that the playard provided was dirty and stained and I cringed putting my precious baby in it. Since playard sheets are small, make sure you pack at least two (in case one gets soiled). A playard can also be great to provide a safe play environment so you can take a shower and get ready for the day. It’s kind of hard to blow dry your hair and get your older kids dressed when the baby is cruising towards the sharp coffee table in the hotel room!

Spotlight on the Room Ultralight Playard
Joovy offers the Room Playard line – with the Room2, Room, and the new Room2 Ultralight.  If you’ve got an older baby or young toddler and looking for the perfect lightweight playard to take on your trip, the Room² Ultralight is for you! Just like the Room2 and the Room, our Room² Ultralight unfolds and sets up super quick, comes with a cotton sheet that can be easily secured to the playard (there are tabs that secure it to the mattress, which is then secured to the bottom of the playard for safety). The Room² Ultralight is 30% lighter than the Room2 and almost as much space as the Room2 (9 square feet versus the Room2’s 10 feet). Toss in a few soft toys when your child wants to play and take them out when she wants to sleep or nap. Because the Room line’s side rails are tapered, it makes it difficult to climb out of and it’s stable). The Ultralight’s floor is lower to the ground (the ground is used as its floorboard, which also lowers the weight and increases stability). The mattress is memory foam and the cotton sheet is so thick and soft (have you felt the other companies’ sheets? So uncomfortable!). The Ultralight can be folded in half up during the day if you need more room (or folded up completely and stored in its travel bag).  It’s got one solid 600 denier fabric side panel instead of mesh on one side, which acts as a protective barrier against wind, light and noise on one side it (great if you are in the room with your child and they are trying to nap).

What’s Baby Going to Ride in? If you’ve got a young child, a lighter weight stroller is going to make your life easier on your road trip. But you have to still make sure your child is comfy and if you are going to sunnier climes, that your sunshade is large. You’ll also want something that folds up compactly and quickly (and also have some storage for those days out).  Here a Joovy, we’ve got you covered — and we recommend one of our lighter strollers, like the Scooter or the Kooper or Groove strollers.

Spotlight on the Groove Stroller
The brand new, techy looking Groove, which retails around $199, is under 18 lbs and perfect for the child who want to relax in it (with a one handed, multi position recline, it’s super comfortable for napping). Your child will love the mesh pockets on each side of the seat — perfect for stashing little treasures. You can put your own drink in the canopy (just make sure it’s not too hot). The basket is large and can hold a lot. If you are going somewhere really sunny, you can’t beat the Groove’s sunshade (it’s huge). It’s also a stroller that your older child can ride in (weight range goes up to 55 lbs). Plus, it has excellent steering, suspension and maneuverability.

Where’s Baby Going to Eat? You want to take something that’s compact and will make sure baby’s still in the middle of the action. Even if you have the smallest possible folding high chair, you may not want to pack it (you’ve still got to fit so much other stuff!). So consider a hook on high chair – they take up a very small amount of space and most of the time, you can fit it in your diaper bag.

Spotlight on the Hook Portable Hook On Chair
The Joovy Hook is the only deluxe leatherette fabric hook-on chair on the market. The Hook’s anodized aluminum frame not only looks great, it’s super lightweight and strong. The patented folding mechanism utilizes die-cast aluminum components to support a child up to 37 lbs. The Hook requires no assembly or disassembly. Folding and unfolding this portable seat is easy; just push the buttons and fold the arms. The durable, comfortable leatherette seat has an adjustable 3-point harness and is 10.5 inches deep to provide more stability and room for the child. Just like the ultra-high-end highchairs on the market today, the Hook’s leatherette fabric is easy to wipe clean and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for cleanliness. It fits most tables from 1 to 2 inches. The arms have non-slip rubber grip pads to protect tables. The Hook includes a 600D zippered travel bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. The Hook is very compact and fits in most diaper bags. The Joovy Hook measures 15.25 x 13 x 5 and weighs 5 lbs.

What Joovy product do you take on family trips?

Contributed by Nancy Johnson Horn

Monday, 26 September 2011

How to Run a 5K With Your Child in Tow

The right gear makes all the difference in running a 5K!

As parents, sometimes we don’t do enough for ourselves. With childhood obesity rates rising in America, the best thing we can do for ourselves to to set an example for our children. One way is to get off the couch and to run (or walk) a 5K race. You can even get your kids involved — by signing your older kids up for a shorter race or take a younger child along with you in a jogging stroller! If you are taking off, with child in tow, we have some recommendations.

1. Make your child has good head control (babies should be over 6 months –I’d recommend over 8 months).

2. Be safe — if you are running (or walking on a straight path), lock the front wheel (wheels), make sure your child is snugly harnessed in, and loop the safety strap around one of your wrists.

2. Your child should be wearing sunscreen and sun/wind protective clothing. Make sure the sunshade is down and they keep cool. If its a really hot day, you may have to change your plans and go solo.

3. Make sure you have hydration for you and your child. Pack a small cooler, in an accessible part of the basket or in a parent console, with at least two cups or bottles for your child — you may be able to grab the open cups of water on the trail, but it’s going to be messy for your child.

4. Leave the heavy diaper bag in the car, take a large ziploc with a change of clothes, a couple of diapers, changing pad, wipes, and 1 outfit — in case you have to stop and change a diaper on the way.

5. Make it fun! Sing to your child, talk to him about what you’re seeing, have fun!

For jogging, Joovy’s got two models, the Zoom 360 and the Zoom ATS. The Zoom ATS is a fixed front wheel jogger for serious runners, and the Zoom 360 is a swivel front wheel version for maximum

maneuverability. If you want a rugged stroller that can also be used as a jogger and/or bike trailer, the new Joovy Cocoon is a great option.

Contributed by Nancy Johnson Horn

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Joovy Goes To Europe

From our friends at Aving…..



[Kind+Jugend 2011] Joovy, an American Brand in Baby Products, to Show ‘Bicycoo GT,’ a Balance Bicycle
[ Dabin Yang 2011-09-20 ]

Joovy (www.joovy.com) displayed ‘Bicycoo GT,’ a balance bicycle, at ‘Kind + Jugend 2011,’ the Europe’s biggest exhibition in baby products held in Cologne, Germany, from Sep 15 to 18.

Balance bicycle is a bike for children aged from 2 to 5 wheeling with feet. It can help enhancing sense of balance with kids moving by themselves balancing with their feet and hands since it’s without pedals.

Go to Kind+Jugend Special Page

Global News Network ‘AVING’
by Dabin Yang (www.aving.net)


Friday, 9 September 2011


At Joovy, we meet the most amazing people. I love hearing about their lives, their stories and their families.  There are stories of bravery and then there are stories of bravery. This is a story about a brave mom and a very brave baby boy.

Christy Rich called our office one day last week wondering if we might have some literature on one of our products, the Joovy Cocoon.  She was calling from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where her son Joshua had been for the last six months.

You see, Joshua was just four months old when he was diagnosed with an auto-recessive genetic disorder, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. This disease attacks the immune system and major organs of the body.  It was essential that Joshua get the best in care so his mom Christy packed up and moved from Georgia to Ohio to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

There, Joshua endured six months of chemotherapy and treatment, a very big journey for such a little guy.  And, after the chemo treatments were over and with the disease in remission, they learned there was still a possibility that the HLH could come back.  Their decision, to reduce that risk, was to do a bone marrow transplant in August.

While Joshua’s new bone marrow assimilates and strengthens his immune system, his mom and family must be careful to keep Joshua protected from exposure to anything that could compromise his health.

Christy researched and found the Cocoon, Joovy’s cocoon-like stroller to transport Joshua to and from his treatments.  Since the Cocoon is an enclosed stroller, it protects Joshua from the elements and keeps him protected inside.  He can create his own space with toys, blankets and favorite comfort toys.

Just yesterday they celebrated his very first birthday. His mom shared with me,

“We wanted to have a birthday party for him, but we were stumped because ‘being in medical isolation’ means he is not allowed to be around other people. Thank goodness for the Joovy Cocoon. We put him in the stroller, zipped the bubble shut, and had birthday festivities and people surrounding him.  Thanks to Joovy we were able to keep his health protected, while also using the clear plastic to let him see and feel involved in all the celebrating.”

At the birthday party and while living on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the hospital, many parents have asked about the Joovy Cocoon stroller.  Joshua’s brave mom, Christy called us to see if we could provide her with an informational brochure that she could share with other parents at the hospital.

We are told that if he survives until 2014, he will be 100% cured of this disease.  We want to be there when Joshua celebrates his 4th birthday.  We think he is a brave, brave boy and we applaud his mom’s strength and tenacity.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joshua!!! Joshua Rich has just celebrated his first birthday on September 6!

If you feel inspired by Joshua’s story and want to contribute towards his medical costs please donate at:

http://www.bonemarrow.org/onetoone/121-rich.html Your money will go towards Joshua and any funds that are not used, will be forwarded onto another child who is awaiting transplant. Thank-you for reading our story and we ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers with the intention that Joshua continues to heal, grow, and bloom!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Joovy Customer Service

Let’s talk about customer service:  What is customer service and how does Joovy size up?

Well……consider this scenario:

You are in a bind.  You need to talk to someone NOW about a product feature, concern or issue.  You dial up the 800 number listed on the product manual.  You are offered a menu to choose from, then another one and finally and third choice must be selected to get to the right department….. Now, you are stuck ‘on hold’ with unpleasant music droning on while your children tussle,  the dog barks and the doorbell rings.    Twenty minutes later, you are still ‘on hold.’  Frustrated and angry, you hang up and get on with your day.  Bottom line, no resolution to your issue.  In addition, you are now mad at your phone and the world.

We’ve all had this experience in some way, shape or form.  No satisfaction. No resolution. Period.

At Joovy, we do things differently and feel that if you take the time to dial us up, we want to talk to you!   When you call our office, it is likely that the person who answers will help you solve your issue or answer your product question.  We love our customers and smile when we have the pleasure of visiting with you about all things Joovy.

You may be shopping and have questions about features or functionality.  We are here to help.

Perhaps (it does happen on occasion) you are missing a part to your product.  We are here to help.

Questions about parts, products, compatibility, features, functions?  We are here to help.

Cannot remember how to fold a stroller, playard or highchair?  We are here to help.

At Joovy, our customer service commitment to you is our everyday mission.  Joovy values that you have invested in our products and we want you to know that our commitment does not stop after your purchase is made.  We strive to make any customer service call pleasant, expeditious and most importantly, we want to help with your Joovy product.

Give us a call Monday through Friday, 8 – 5 CST.  We’ll be happy to hear your voice!

Joovy Customer Service Blog

Friday, 18 March 2011

Room² Ultralight Review by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

The Joovy Room² Ultralight is very pleasing to the eye. It is available in a vibrant hue of green or black and has a very lightweight frame, making it easy to pick up and move around.

We were very impressed by the quality of the playard. Thanks to its tapered design, its very sturdy. It has lots of room for baby to move around.

The playard takes a bit of time to assemble. It took three people about twenty minutes to figure the instructions and illustrations out. No tools are required to put the playard together. In theory, its supposed to just pop open and the side rails should lock, but it took us a long time to get the rails in the correct place.

The playard takes up a large amount of space, which is something to keep in mind if you are using it in a cramped bedroom or hotel room. Assembled, the product will not easily fit in a closet or car trunk, but it is very compact when unassembled. The playard is much easier to take apart than to put together it only took one person to put it away. The product can be disassembled two different ways for storage purposes: in half for quick storage, or in a super compact fold for travel.

The playard is a safe and sturdy product. There are no special safety features.

The playard is very comfortable. It has a nice, thick, extremely soft foam mattress though its not so soft as to cause concern for SIDS. The product comes with a fitted sheet made specifically to fit the mattress.

This product is very versatile: it can be used both in the house and outside, and has enough room for baby to sleep or to play. The playard accommodates babies and toddlers up to 35 inches tall, with no weight limit. The only downside is that it has to be disassembled to fit though a regular doorway. The joovy playard only has one level for the child to sleep.

This item is easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the playard by wiping it down with a clean cloth. It has fabric handrails and netting on the sides. The comfortable fabric mattress can be easily wiped clean with soap and water.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Matt Damon and his little ones in their Caboose Ultralight

damon final

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

It’s a “Joovy” kind of day! by High Family

It’s a “Joovy” kind of day!

We received our new stroller last week and I couldn’t wait to take it out for a test drive. Chris put it together on Saturday and we decided to give it a try at the local mall later that evening. We were a little worried if Ryan would stay on the back of the stroller. He did well except for when he would see a store he wanted to go in (the book and toy stores!) and jump off the back while in motion. We had to explain to him several times that he must ask first if he wants to get off. He isn’t a fan of boo-boos so when I told him that he could get a boo-boo if he fell, he pretty much stayed on after that! 🙂

I told myself that I would take the kiddies for a walk everyday (as weather or time permits)once the stroller arrived. Sunday, Lauren came over for lunch and then we got a quick walk done in between rain storms. We had a bit of cold front come through over the weekend and we had an interesting few days of fall like weather. It was a welcome change from the record 90 degree weather we’ve had in July and early August. It was very strange to wear sweatshirts in August though?!

Monday morning I fed the kids, packed some water for Ryan and I and headed out for another walk around the neighborhood. It was still 60 degree weather that morning so I had to make sure they were both bundled up. Kara looked so cute in her sweater jacket (it was Ryan’s when he was baby- it’s nice to be able to reuse it for Kara now).

Ryan can sit or stand. So far he prefers to sit except when he wants to play with Kara’s feet!

Cozy baby and silly boy!

She sure loves her car seat!

Tuesday was a day of rest! I had a few errands to run and that’s enough exercise for me after taking both shopping by myself. I get a great arm workout with lugging Kara in her car seat around and great leg work as I try to keep Ryan from running all around the store! Sadly, I don’t look forward to shopping anymore! 🙁

Today, Lauren came over again for lunch (Lauren-thanks for the yummy pizza and watermelon!!) and a walk. She and her fiance have started the process of finding their first home and were thinking about purchasing a home in our area. We decided to go check out a few because they were within walking distance from my house. We started our walk with a trip to see a small pond with duckies. I brought some bread so Ryan could feed them. It was fun to watch him feed the ducks and see the excitement in his face as they would come close to get the food! We thought the houses wouldn’t be too far but we ended up taking a VERY long walk. We walked at least 2 miles which isn’t too bad but when half the walk is uphill, that’s tough with pushing two little ones in a stroller. The Joovy is 21 pounds (and we got the ultralight weight one- can you image the weight of the original Joovy?!), add a 30 pound little boy and 8 (we think) pound baby and you have almost 60 pounds of weight!! Lauren and I were very sweaty and tired at the end of that walk. Both Kara and Ryan were ready to be done by the end as well. I am sure I will feel the pain tomorrow but it was worth it. I think we might stick to our normal course next time and visit the playground!

Our community ducks!

Ryan really enjoyed feeding the duckies!



We ALL had a good rest after this walking adventure!